Quarantine harvest of awards of the ensemble Kolos

28 серпня 2020 року

    When the students of NULES of Ukraine switched to distance learning in connection with the announced quarantine, the members of the creative teams of the department of cultural studies were confused: what about now without a favorite occupation, without friends by interests, without an artistic director-mentor? But our leaders are real professionals: they organized online classes, and their results were skillfully shown and shared on the website of the department and the university.

   But creativity is not only one's own pleasure, but also a desire to show oneself to others, to appreciate one's potential among many who are also fond of song, dance, poetry, theater ... And here for amateur students the leaders found a way out: during quarantine they participated in many online projects, remote festivals and competitions. And not just feared participation, but confidently won!

  For example, the public organization "Panorama-Art" to reveal the talent, individuality and creativity of children and youth of Ukraine and the world, to support, develop, promote creativity, improve professional skills and identify bright performers in various fields of art, even in a global pandemic held the First International Internet Art Competition "Panorama-Art", which was attended by the choir of the folk song and dance ensemble "Kolos" named after SA Semenovsky and won the GRAND PRIX!

   Summer was also not a reason to slow down in creative development, because it's nice to win awards even on vacation. The next award of "Kolos" was the Diploma of the winner of the 1st prize in the nomination "Vocal art" at the I remote festival-competition of national cultures and children's creativity "Golden wave".

   But the PO Art Center "Antre", which is known as a creative traveler of the geographical and artistic world, realizing that even distance competitions promote the exchange of creative experience, achievements between teams, leaders, establishing creative contacts, supporting talented children and youth in creative potential, education of artistic taste in the younger generation, undertook to organize the III International remote multi-genre festival-competition "Gems - the Land of Boundless Opportunities". Here, Kolos has 2 awards: 1st place in the “Vocal” category in the girls' group and the Grand Prix in the whole team.

We are proud of you, Kolos, and wish you new achievements at the creative Olympus!


Iryna Maidanyuk
head of the department of cultural studies

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