A convincing response of the humanitarians to the challenges of modern educational reality

1 липня 2020 року
We live in a time of rapid and radical qualitative changes in all spheres of human social life. New rapidly changing realities pick us up and motivate us to react instantly. Thus, in the modern educational space, engaging in new educational processes of revolutionary information, we must effectively respond to today's challenges.

    In our opinion, an example of such an answer was adequately provided by the department of social work and rehabilitation at a webinar in preparation for the third stage of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of students of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The speaker of the webinar was acting head of the department of social work and rehabilitation, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Iryna Sopivnyk. 466 high school students from different parts of Ukraine registered for the webinar. These are the winners of the second stage of the departments of humanities and social sciences of the Academy of Sciences: history, philosophy and social sciences, linguistics, literary studies, folklore and art history. The webinar was dedicated to the preparation of SAS member students from all over the country for poster defense of research papers.

   Numerous young researchers - participants of the webinar, saw NULES as a very attractive and profitable free economic education, among others, which has numerous advantages as a research educational institution. After all, they not only provide knowledge to students, but also involve young researchers in the process of producing fundamentally new knowledge. NULES of Ukraine has agreements with the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on cooperation, which gives us the opportunity today to cooperate with research laboratories and centers, in particular, we are talking about our faculty for humanities and pedagogics. The scientific traditions, strong personnel potential and material support of the university were convincingly demonstrated. Emphasis is placed on caring for the aesthetics of our premises, laboratories, their decoration and equipment, which form the overall culture of the individual.

   The experience of poster defense of master's theses at our university was vividly and consistently presented to the participants of the webinar. Listeners received convincing and clear answers to the questions: how to prepare a defense poster; what qualities and competencies develop work on posters; saw bright poster presentations of NULES students; evaluated the advantages of poster defenses as rather short, but such that systematically and visually reflect the results of scientific research. At the same time, they realized that the main quality that should ensure the effective presentation of master's theses through poster defense - is their own creativity. The poster report, developing the creative, spatial-imaginative imagination and research and communicative qualities of the student, gives him the opportunity to concisely and effectively convey his thoughts. The student develops his oratory and leadership skills..

   The webinar speaker provided useful advice on the theoretical and methodological context for the successful creation of posters for the defense of scientific papers. Throughout the work, there was an active and interested two-way contact between the cases and the speaker. Iryna Vitaliivna answered more than 50 questions from deceivers for an hour. So many questions show that the webinar was interesting and successful.

   The Small Academy of Sciences organized webinars to prepare for poster defenses, with the involvement of scientists from leading higher education institutions in Ukraine. Scientific and pedagogical workers of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine are invited to prepare students of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the competition - poster defense. This is another confirmation that our university is one of the best research and multidisciplinary universities in Ukraine with a powerful humanities and pedagogical faculty. No wonder the division of our humanities is "Primus inter pares" (the first among equals).

    The video of the webinar can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Small Academy of Sciences at the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch


Associate professor of the department of social work and rehabilitation,
Lyudmyla Chekal

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