Victoria Polishchuk: in the future I want to work in my specialty and plan to try my hand as a teacher or translator

30 червня 2020 року
Today we have the opportunity to talk to Victoria Polishchuk, a bachelor's degree graduate who is applying for a master's program in philology (German languages and literature) at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

  • Tell us about your impressions of studying at NULES of Ukraine for those four years?

     – I can say with confidence that I am satisfied with studying at NULES. The university promotes the development of students and provides many opportunities for self-realization. I especially liked that during the study there is an opportunity to get a double degree and there are different programs for internships abroad. The university cares about the cultural life of students. At our faculty, various events are often held, so you do not have to be sad and lazy. I should also note the professionalism of the teaching staff and the willingness to help in any situation. I am very glad that I chose this university and the faculty for humanities and pedagogics.

  • What are the benefits of studying at NULES that influenced your choice when entering the master's program?

     – An important factor is that NULES is among the top ten universities in Ukraine. I also paid attention to the location of educational buildings and dormitories. However, the decisive factor was that I studied at the university for four years and was completely satisfied with the learning process and the quality of the knowledge I received. Therefore, with great desire I will apply for a master's program in NULES of Ukraine.

  • What do you expect from learning?

     – I hope to further improve my knowledge of English and German, gain new skills that will be useful in the future and help in getting a job. I also hope to enroll in a master's degree and obtain a diploma that will allow me to become a highly qualified translator.

  • Where would you like to work after graduation?

     – In the future I want to work in my specialty and plan to try my hand as a teacher or translator.

  • What advice would you give to applicants who have not yet decided on a profession?

     – Choosing a profession is an important decision in everyone's life. The main factors are the demand for the profession, the number of jobs, and the need for this specialty in your country. But first of all, you need to pay attention to what activities you really like and enjoy.
Thank you very much for an interesting conversation, I wish you to successfully pass the exam, enter the master's program of NULES of Ukraine and we wish you good health!

Conversation was conducted by an associate professor of the
department of rRomance and Germanic languages and translation
Holtsova M.H.

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