Business conversation in a friendly circle: the Department of Pedagogy invited graduates of OPP "Professional Education" to a party

8 червня 2020 року
Modern students are quite organized people who know how to set life priorities and value their time. And when it comes to graduates, their time is literally golden – how many things they have to resolve on their finish line to the dream diploma

     To help future bachelors and support them with advice, the head of the department of pedagogy, doctor of pedagogical sciences Ruslan Sopivnyk initiated an interesting format of communication. On June 4, closer to the evening, when all the planned meetings took place and urgent tasks were solved, instructors of the department of pedagogy and students of the two graduating groups of the specialty "Professional Education" gathered to discuss their near future

      Addressing the graduates, the head of the department Ruslan Sopivnyk noted that despite everything, it is important to take care of one’s own health. To do this, you should not only adhere to quarantine measures, but also maintain an optimistic attitude, look confidently into the future. The speaker stressed that our graduates have new opportunities and benefits, our national, research, capital university, which is in the top three universities in the country and is 7 in the integrated ranking of TOP-200, gives everyone a favorable prospect of full higher education in graduate school. Because a bachelor's degree is only the first level of education, Ruslan Vasyliovych emphasized that this year the master's programs of our department are being recruited for the last time without the Unified entrance test in a foreign language, and also reminded that the world elite is recruited from among the graduates of humanities. In addition, in the two master's programs "Information and communication technologies in education" and "Higher school pedagogy" we have a significant amount of state order, so our applicants have a great chance to study at the expense of the state budget. In addition, we have agreements with the world's leading universities and our master's students can obtain a degree in the double degree program, and at the "exit" to receive two diplomas - one state and the other - foreign (related or other specialty).

     It was noticeable that everyone already missed live communication outside the educational process. Oksana Vasyuk, the guarantor of EPT "Professional education", doctor of pedagogical sciences, expressed her sincere gratitude to the students for their support in passing all the procedures of accreditation of the educational program and expressed hope that after students are used to being involved in the orbit of the department, they are unlikely to look for another place to obtain a full higher education and a master's degree. Everything they need to get new professional opportunities, the department can offer.

     Ruslan Vasyliovych gave the floor to the guarantor of the educational program "Information and communication technologies in education" doctor of pedagogical sciences Oleksandr Kuchai, who spoke about the opportunity for young people to develop in the trend of modern technologies provided by the program. And I must say that he interested the audience, because many questions at the end of the meeting were devoted to admission to this specialty

     The competition for this program is modernized and business-oriented master's degree "Higher school pedagogy", whose guarantor, doctor of pedagogical sciences Ruslan Sopivnyk gave interesting facts about global trends in demand for business and life coaches, stressed the opportunities for soft social skills, which the program seekers will obtain. In addition, each of the graduates could be convinced of the high professional competence of the department faculty and not from other people's mouths.

     As it turned out, the specific information of Oksana Honcharuk, deputy secretary of the NULES Admissions Committee of Ukraine, was very timely and needed. The students asked questions lively and received a lot of advice about it.

     Ihor Butsyk, deputy dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogy, candidate of pedagogical sciences, gave useful information about the peculiarities of taking state exams online, the administration's position on living in NULES dormitories in Ukraine during quarantine, and preparing for graduation.

    Graduation team leaders Oksana Honcharuk and Nadiya Dira also had the opportunity to remind applicants of the urgent problems that need to be addressed through joint efforts.

     Students were satisfied with the opportunity to communicate and thanked for the information provided, interesting and accessible. They did not talk about their feelings. But the instructors' impression after the meeting was both nostalgic (because, in fact, the beginning of the graduation period has already come, and we have not yet "been enough" with our students!), and encouraging, because we saw that this novel would be an interesting sequel. So, see you in the master's program, dear students!

Olena Varava,
assistant of the department of pedagogy


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