Together to the dream of becoming a journalist: from the conversation of a freshman and an entrant

8 червня 2020 року
On the eve of the new entrance campaign, I, a first-year student majoring in "Journalism" at the faculty for humanities and pedagogics Alina Pantileeva, had a great opportunity to talk to my future colleague and just a great friend Khrystyna about choosing a profession. She, like me, aspires to become a journalist. I want to quote an excerpt from our conversation.
First of all, I asked Khrystyna to tell me about herself, and here is what she said:

- Hello, my name is Khrystyna. I live in the picturesque village of Karapyshi. I’m very active and cheerful girl. I play volleyball and dance. I take an active part in the life of Karapyshiv academic lyceum. I find a way out of any situation.

 - At which universities did you choose to continue your studies, do you plan to enter the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine?

- Yes, NULES is one of the universities to which I intend to submit documents.

- What specialty have you chosen?

- Of course, "Journalism".

- Great. And why this specialty?

- I like to interview and provide people with information, communicate with public people.

- How did you learn about NULES and how did it attract you?

- I heard a lot of good reviews about this university from my friends, and we were given interesting excursions there. I really liked the instructors, the open lectures. The appearance of the university also attracted my attention. I think that life at this university is fun and rewarding. I'm sure I won't regret studying there.

- Do you plan to work in the future in your specialty?

- I am sure that after graduating from university I will work in the field of journalism.

This is a meaningful conversation-interview between me and my friend. And I sincerely believe that Khrystyna and I will study at the same university at the best faculty. After all, she is worth it.


Took the interview: Alina Pantileeva,
1st year student majoring in Journalism 


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