Teacher's experience: distance learning

18 вересня 2020 року

All participants in the educational process - students, teachers, pupils and parents are gradually adapting to the new school year. Journalists investigated the prospects of distance learning. How to organize the learning process so that the transition to "online" was less stressful for teachers of NULES of Ukraine.


Associate professor of the department of journalism and language communication Veronika V. Chekalyuk says that the university uses the educational and information portal Elearn, which works as a virtual classroom, where you can see what work the student has done and what not, and accordingly what points he received - all honestly and transparent, prompt. My colleagues and I adapted to virtual classrooms and classes. Teachers quickly fill their account with the materials needed to assimilate information. For example, printed lectures, diagrams, tablets, videos. In the electronic format we used to write modules, tests and even exams. The program, in fact, is very well configured and works properly.

   For public lectures, I use the Zoom platform and the Elearn educational and information portal with students, and Viber and Telegram for private correspondence. I also throw video lectures on Youtube. My students respond via video conference. All participants of the Zoom conference see how the person responds, so there were no comments. Perhaps someone is complaining that the level of education has fallen sharply. But, for example, I have no debtors on the course, no complaints; grades are quite high, because people complete tasks on time. According to statistics, the Elearn service is used by 95% of 100% of students. In my experience, student productivity has not decreased. It is true that the question of the level of education is raised, because it is very important that every citizen of Ukraine receives quality educational services. It is a priority that after university a person can find a decent job in his specialty: to teach, to explain - this is the main thing in my work."


  The digitalization of education began long before the introduction of quarantine and distance education, but in difficult conditions it shows the real feasibility of using electronic systems during training. Distance education is not as scary as it seems, and it is possible to cope with it only with a comprehensive approach and understanding of how to act in a given case.


Tetiana Darmohray,

member of the "Young journalist" circle

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