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18 вересня 2020 року
He who has wings takes off. Ahead - the one who is guided by an unbridled desire to improve themselves and share knowledge, making sure of their necessity and relevance. Only a relentless movement forward, a harmonious combination of pedagogical wisdom and youthful enthusiasm allows a teacher to remain a teacher. The new system of professional development of scientific and pedagogical workers provides for the increase and expansion of their opportunities for improving pedagogical skills and professional growth throughout life.

And even quarantine restrictions on science are not a hindrance.

On September 12, 2020, the main (non)conference mini-EdCamp Putrivka 2020 was organized on the basis of Putrinskyi SIC of Vasylkivskyi district in Kyiv region, which was held online due to quarantine restrictions.

The problem of creating a safe educational environment, without a doubt, is currently among the most pressing and, unfortunately, painful. Among all the rights granted to the participants of the educational polylogue, the right to safe learning is the most important and most valuable.

That is why the conference discussed security in all its aspects (financial, psychological, spiritual, environmental, cyber-security, education without corruption, safe food) and many other "safe" issues that contribute to a comfortable educational environment. The event brought together more than 300 participants from all over Ukraine. The program of the event included 4 parallels of expert sessions, 4 practical sessions from teachers, master classes, safe breaks.

Among the experts of the main (non)conference mini-EdCamp Putrivka 2020 - doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, head of the department of pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine Ruslan Sopivnyk.

Speech by Ruslan Vasyliovych as a person who is not only a well-known scientist, but also a teacher-practitioner with many years of experience in the field of research - modern education according to modern requirements, education for people, skills to avoid potential risks and dangers difficulties in their own professional life by understanding and mastering the requirements of the time - caught the attention of the audience.

With a wide range of participants, the head of the department of pedagogy discussed the conditions of compliance with the criteria of today's labor market and outlined the benefits of studying in one of the most competitive educational institutions in Ukraine - NULES. Until recently, the main criterion that employers paid attention to when looking for employees was the presence of a diploma as the main document that indicated a narrow professional specialization. Everything else was considered a positive but not a necessary addition. Today, the situation has changed dramatically: employers need a variety of specialists. In order to ensure their own comfortable and productive participation in professional activities, a university graduate must have so-called "soft skills".

The opportunity to form such universal skills at the European level (ability to think and manage time creatively, have communication skills, solve complex life problems and business issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, mastery of site development tools, etc.) provides NULES through access to educational components. . All this is an investment in yourself, no less important than getting a professional education.

The sessions from EdPro and Lenovo's EdCamp Ukraine partners Victoria Kosyk and Yevhen Chemerys were interesting and informative for the conference participants, where educators received the latest tools for organizing training.

We thank the organizers of the main (non)conference mini-EdCamp Putrivka 2020 for an interesting and meaningful experience, and Ruslan Sopivnik - for another worthy representation of himself and NULES in the educational community!

Lidia Cherednyk,

assistant of the department of pedagogy

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