Congratulations to Iryna Zinoviyivna MAIDANYUK with her birthday anniversary! (Rectorate)

17 вересня 2020 року


The Rectorate of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine sincerely congratulates the Head of the Department of Cultural Studies, Doctor of Philosophy, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Higher Education.


Iryna Zinoviyivna MAIDANYUK!


Congratulations to you on your birthday holiday! This anniversary shows that you have life wisdom and valuable experience, so we wish you excellent health and well-being, warm family evenings and emotional meetings with friends!

Life is beautiful and every moment it comes with a thousand and one gifts for you. So we want life to be even more interesting and exciting, we wish you to have enough energy and optimism for many, many years to come. Let your eyes sparkle with joy, and a sincere smile will always be radiant. May anything that hassn't happened will come true, just believe in it!

Let the heart beat in the rhythm of a happy song, and let the soul sing a melody of joyful notes! May all the best from the sun and wind, from dew and water come to you generously!

Happy anniversary!




Rector of NULES of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko

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