Our faculty, may you grow and prosper: the humanitarians held a "Freshman School"

16 вересня 2020 року

On September 16, one of the largest structural units of the university - the faculty for humanities and pedagogics - hospitably invited freshmen to an online meeting. Today, the faculty has 14 specialties that are popular among modern youth, as evidenced by this year's enrollment of students. More than 350 future teachers, journalists, philologists, psychologists, diplomats, social workers took part in the online event. And this year they were joined by future specialists in physical culture and sports. Congratulations to the faculty, which is constantly developing and working for the future, with the opening of a new specialty and a successful enrollment of students!

Traditionally, the dean of the faculty, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk, met the freshmen and opened the event. Vasyl Dmytrovych congratulated the freshmen in the friendly family of humanities of NULES, calling to proudly carry the honorary title of a student of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics.

Today the anthem of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics was heard in different regions of Ukraine. Its first lines "The greatest human treasure is knowledge…" became a penetrating red thread that permeated the entire event and became the epigraph to all performances.

Rector of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolayenko addressed the freshmen with a welcoming speech. He emphasized the role of knowledge in the modern world, introduced students to the glorious history of the university, the dynamic present and the great future, which should be built by freshmen.

As the dean of the faculty Vasyl Shinkaruk noted, humanities, unlike representatives of other faculties, have great honor (and great responsibility), because the rector Stanislav Nikolaenko, as a professor of pedagogy, will give lectures and teach them in classrooms.

And does each specialty at the university have its own motto? Humanities - have! Thus, their own anthem, flag, motto promote the development of corporate spirit, cohesion, unity. And freshmen had the opportunity to see this.  

Oksana Zazymko, deputy head of the education department, introduced the students to the peculiarities of the educational process at the university.

Oleksiy Melnyk, the head of the primary trade union organization of students, informed about the trade union affairs.

The director of the campus, Serhiy Stetsiuk, acquainted the freshmen with the procedure for settling in dormitories.

The head of the department of military training of the university, colonel Anatoliy Esaulov, provided information about training at the military department.

The head of the student organization of the university Dmytro Kushpiy told about the bright student life.

Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk introduced the freshmen to the management of the faculty and heads of graduating departments.

It is worth noting that for most students this was not the first meeting. After all, the acquaintance took place during the admission campaign: due to the fact that the management and staff of the faculty tried to pay attention to each entrant, personally informed, accompanied and advised entrants, the faculty successfully conducted the 2020 recruitment.

In his speech, Vasyl Shynkaruk stressed that the faculty focuses on studying the foreign languages. Departments have improved the program of teaching foreign languages, developed and implemented intensive courses for students and teachers. The Center for the Study of Foreign Languages operates at the faculty. English-language groups operate in each specialty. The graduate of the faculty together with the diploma of the state standard will receive the certificate on level of knowledge of a foreign language therefore our faculty is prestigious, and the graduate - competitive in the labor market.

We work closely with foreign universities, where our students undergo free internships, language internships and double degree programs. Students enrolled in the double degree program receive a domestic diploma and a diploma from a foreign university. In total, in the 2019/2020 academic year alone, 97 students of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics studied in parallel, 125 took free internships, and 42 students underwent language practice at foreign universities.

One of the priority areas of faculty development is the practical training of students, on which depends the competitiveness of our graduates and their employment.

And the pride and soul of our faculty is the department of cultural studies of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, which presented a video that did not leave indifferent any freshman! In the kaleidoscope of events, creative studios, groups and circles took turns. The head of the department of cultural studies, professor Iryna Maidanyuk, encouraged freshmen to join the creative family, and the department and faculty will do everything possible to help young people discover new spiritual islands in the vortex of modern life.

Roman Rudyi, honored artist of Ukraine, associate professor of cultural studies, also invited to join the creative studios and clubs of the department of cultural studies.

At the end of the event, the dean of the faculty answered the questions of freshmen, said warm parting words in the new student life.

Therefore, we congratulate the freshmen in the friendly family of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, we wish them success in their studies to glorify our faculty, the prosperity of the university and the homeland!


Olena Balalaeva,

associate professor of the department of journalism and language communication,

Yaroslav Rudyk,

deputy dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics

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