Vitaliy Cherednychenko: technical translation is my dream, and it is possible to make it in NULES

28 травня 2020 року
  • – Vitaliy, have you already decided on your choice of profession?

     – Yes, I like learning languages. I want to tell you how it all started. I grew up in a village; I study in the village of Vladyslavivka, Myronivskyi district, Kyiv region. Like all village children, I can do everything. My grandfather always tried to make physical work easier and I often had to help with equipment repairs. As you know, in the village everyone is a master. So we looked for different interesting ideas and useful tips on foreign language sites. But I felt that I lacked school knowledge. So I started to improve my English.

  • – Do you want to connect your future with the profession of a translator?

     – Yes, I understand that for professional translation it is not enough to be able to speak and understand the general meaning. Details, accuracy, thoroughness are important here, because incorrect translation of technical terms can cause great losses.

  • – I would like to advise you to enter NULES at the department of foreign philology and translation. This is where you will be able to realize your dream. And our experienced lecturers will teach you specialized translation from German and English.

     – Thanks. Since I have had skills in working with agricultural machinery since my childhood, the profession of technical translation is just for me.

  • – I invite you to celebrate with us on May 29 the 122nd anniversary of NULES. All celebrations, events related to the anniversary of the university can be watched online on the channel "My NULES".


Inna Kononchuk was interviewing,
senior lecturer at the department of foreign languages and translation

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