Report of applicants for higher education of the third (educational and scientific) level at the department of social work and rehabilitation

26 травня 2020 року

On May 26, 2020, the certification of applicants for higher education of the third (educational and scientific) level took place.

Experienced graduate student of the third year of study Bohdan Opalchuk (supervisor - candidate of pedagogical sciences Mykola Vasyliovych Mykhailychenko) reported on the results of research "Professional training of future social workers to organize cultural and leisure activities", namely: the results of the experiment, publications in professional journals (three articles published, and three accepted for publication), as well as discussion of the results of studying through speeches at international and national scientific and practical conferences. Based on the results of the report, a decision was made to approve the report and certify the graduate student.

The report was continued by the first year of study applicant for higher education Oleksandra Drachuk (supervisor - doctor of pedagogical sciences Iryna Sopivnyk). She presented a study on "Professional training of future social workers for social protection." The researcher spoke about participation in research work "Professional training of social educators/workers to work with victims of the Chornobyl disaster" (№ 110/6-pr-2018) and conducting surveys with residents of Narodytskyi district of Zhytomyr region (second zone). The discussion noted the number of publications of the applicant (collective monograph "Development of environmental responsibility in the population - residents of contaminated areas", 5 articles in professional journals and speeches at conferences at various levels (11). Such work is not surprising, because Oleksandra began research while studying in a magistracy, having won the third place of the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific works.

The topic of Alyona Kuzmenko's dissertation research (supervisor - doctor of pedagogical sciences Iryna Sopivnyk) "Development of students' reading culture in the information environment of an agricultural institution of higher education" was also innovative (extraordinary). Working as the chief custodian of the funds in the Berezan local lore museum, the applicant enthusiastically reported on her own achievements (participation in international conferences, articles in professional publications). And working part-time as a teacher of physics and astronomy in the Nedryansk educational and production complex, Alyona Kuzmenko also conducted career guidance work among graduating students (information about the educational process at the university, taking tests and exams during sessions, as well as prospects to graduate humanities and pedagogy faculty of educational and professional program "Social work"). And the fruitful work gave its positive results, Labzenko Victoria and Marko Evheniy were interested not only in the history and achievements of the university, but also in the specialty "Social work".



Nina Tverezovska,
professor of the department of social work and rehabilitation



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