Serhiy Zhylin from Kyiv: I want to master the "Philology" specialty and choose NULES of Ukraine

25 травня 2020 року

An interesting, charismatic, intelligent young man. He studies at the Kyiv Gymnasium of oriental languages № 1. He is interested in studying foreign languages, in particular: English, Korean, Spanish. He is interested in the culture and traditions of the countries whose languages he studies. He likes to travel, because during his travels he has the opportunity to practice and improve his language skills. He dreams of visiting Latin America. He is engaged in martial arts. And all this is about our interlocutor Serhiy Zhylin.

– Good afternoon, Serhiy. Thank you for agreeing to our online interview. Tell us how you are doing and what you do during quarantine.

– Good day. During quarantine, I enjoy life, read books, improve languages, watch movies in English, play sports and most importantly - prepare for admission to NULES of Ukraine.

– How did you choose your future specialty? And why is it NULES of Ukraine?

– I decided on my specialty in the seventh grade. Philology is a well-known and popular specialty. I have never been able to do exact sciences and they were not as interesting as language and literature. I like reading and writing, so I do not see a more successful faculty than that for humanities and pedagogy. Since my childhood, I love to travel, and without knowledge of foreign languages it is very difficult to get acquainted with different countries and their traditions. The next step was to choose a university. Acquaintances and older friends, already students at this time, advised me NULES of Ukraine. The choice was quick and unquestionable. Of course, I browsed the site, read reviews, and personally visited the university. The first thing that pleasantly impressed me was the very wide range of specialties at this university. Pleasant and convenient location: green area, clean air. I am sure that this is exactly the institution that you can trust and in which you can study with confidence. I will definitely share my impressions when I am a student of NULES of Ukraine.

–If you do not work as a foreign language teacher at school, then what will you be?

– It is difficult to predict the future. Most of the professions that exist today will disappear or change, and new ones will appear. To be competitive in the future you need to develop adaptability, flexibility, a variety of skills and abilities and not be afraid to change professions throughout life, perhaps even several times. During my studies at the university I will try to develop all these skills and abilities.

– Name your three closest goals

– The first is entering NULES of Ukraine. Then I want to go abroad on vacation with my family. And the third goal is to win the Eastern Martial Arts Championship.

– If you were offered to improve the world by depriving it of only one thing, what would it be?

– I would like with all my heart that humanity would never know the horror of war. It hurts the most when the terrible pages of history become the realities of our time.

– Do you have a favorite saying, motto?

– Of course. Because I enjoy learning several foreign languages, my favorite expression is related to languages. I like J.V. von Goethe's words: "The number of languages you know, so many times you are human." So I plan to know many languages.

– What do you need to feel completely happy?

– Let mt and my relatives be healthy. I also want to graduate from the University with honors and enjoy my future profession.

– Thank you very much for the conversation and we wish you inspiration in a busy student life!


Lilia Pylypenko,
assistant of the department of English for technical and agrobiological specialties
Natalia Yaremenko,
associate professor of the department of English for technical
and agrobiological specialties

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