Kateryna Muzyka from Cherkasy region: my dream is to become a specialist in the field of foreign philology

24 травня 2020 року


  • – Please tell us about yourself.

     – My name is Kateryna Muzyka. I study in the 11th grade of Ostrozhanskyi institution of general secondary education of I-II degrees of Sokoliv village council of Cherkasy region..

  • – Soon you will have to make serious choice about further education. Have you already decided where you would like to continue your studies?

     – When I finished 10th grade I wanted to become a financier, because I was always interested in mathematics. Some time passed and my older brother went to work in Canada. It is very difficult for him there because he does not speak English at a sufficient level to communicate. He always tells me: “Katya, learn English. Believe me, you will need it! ” Then I seriously thought about my future profession. After discussing this with my mother, I finally decided to connect my life with English.

  • – What specialty do you plan to undertake?

     – I was interested in one of the specialties of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics - "Philology". I want to learn more than one foreign language; it's very interesting to me. First of all, I want to prove to myself that I will be able to go through all the difficulties on my way and work in my specialty. We all understand that just learning a language is not that difficult. But you also need to practice. Reading reviews about NULES of Ukraine, I learned that students have an internship abroad. I was very impressed, because one of my dreams is to visit another country, and English-speaking, in particular.

  • – How did you learn about our University?

     – Two of my friends study at this University: one is a freshman and the other is a fourth-year student. According to them, the University is very promising, because after graduation you can stay to work in the native walls of this institution of higher education. Personally, I attended the Open Door Day. I really liked the instructors. All of them are friendly and meet the needs of entrants. But most of all I liked the speech of the rector of the University Stanislav Nikolaenko. It was so sincere, frank and accessible that I just made sure I made the right choice with both the university and the specialty. Therefore, I will make a lot of efforts to get the title of a student of NULES of Ukraine with dignity!

  • – Thank you for a wonderful conversation and see you at the faculty for humanities and pedagogics!

Inna Hrabovska,
head of the department of English
for technical and agrobiological specialties,
Lyudmyla Berezova,
associate professor of the department of English
for technical and agrobiological specialties

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