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17 травня 2020 року
In 2019, with the support of the head of the department of military training of NULES of Ukraine, candidate of pedagogical sciences colonel Anatoliy O. Esaulov and under the general guidance of the head of the startup school, head of the department of public administration and innovation management, doctor of economics, professor Olha Vytvytska three teams of the startup school won the first places at the All-Army competition "Best Invention of the year" and became the best inventors among the power structures of Ukraine. The fourth team worthily represented NULES of Ukraine among the international community and won the first wave of the acceleration program of the UNIDO/GEF Project “Global Innovative Clean Technology Program for Small and Medium Enterprises in Ukraine” with the support of the United Nations.

     Continuing the steps of victory of our famous university, representatives of these teams pass scientific and technical experience to a new generation of inventors who study remotely at the Startup school of NULES of Ukraine, prepare new projects for implementation in the daily activities of the university and the economy of Ukraine.

     Currently, with the support of the head of the department of military training Anatoliy Esaulov interfaculty team of student innovators Maksym Panachovnyi (department of military training), Kostiantyn Nadarai (faculty for humanities and pedagogics), Oleh Pshenychko, Stepan Zhebchuk, Maksym Naumchuk (TSI of forestry and horticulture) – 10 grade lyceum students Kateryna Bilan, Elyzaveta Rybalchenko, Nazar Boychuk, Denys Hryshchenko, Iryna Drozd, Petro Karpenko, Sofia Stehney, Anna Martsenyuk, Kyrylo Kraevskyi, a young talent artist-designer Elyzaveta Voloshyna under the guidance of director of 116 Ecological and Natural Lyceum of Kyiv Olena Chuba, associate professor of the department of botany, dendrology and forest selection Maria Shevchuk (TSI of forestry and horticulture), asssociate professor of the department of military training Andriy Andrievskyi developed new startup projects "Ecologically clean school" and "Territory without dumpsters.”

    The purpose of the projects is to pass the startup relay to the new generation and provide the educational process of schoolchildren, lyceum students and students of Ukraine with environmentally friendly technologies, the formation of their applied knowledge, environmental culture, desire to protect the environment, responsible life.

     New startup projects have a multidisciplinary application and therefore, information and technical support at the stage of project preparation has already been organized and at the stage of implementation into daily activities plan to provide scientists-inventors of Kyiv city public organization "Society of inventors and rationalizers of Ukraine" headed by honored innovator of Ukraine. Indukaev Volodymyr Kostiantynovych, servicemen of military units of the Mariupol garrison represented by the chief of the press service of the Donetsk regional Major military commissariat Voloshyna Natalia and specialists of the Separate regiment of the president of Ukraine led by colonel Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Bakulin. All together - we are a force!


Kostiantyn Nadaraya,
student of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics
Oleksiy Seheda,
student of the Institute of forestry and horticulture

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