Elyzaveta Vitsenko received an award for participation in the All-Ukrainian competition of translations from German

11 травня 2020 року
Second-year student Elyzaveta Vitsenko is studying international relations and understands that a specialist in international relations must speak several foreign languages. Learning languages is not only useful, but also interesting. Therefore, Elyzaveta agreed to the proposal of the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Halyna Fomina to take part in the Ist All-Ukrainian student competition of literary translation from German.

     The competition was held on the basis of Kamyanets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohienko National University. The geography of the competition was quite wide: the organizing committee received translations from students of many higher education institutions of Ukraine where German is studied, in particular, Uman Pavlo Tychyna State Pedagogical University, Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatyuk National Pedagogical University, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Khmelnytska humanitarian-pedagogical academy.

     Students were offered to translate the poetic works of modern German poets: Robert Gernhardt "Ach!" and Uwe Kolbe "Water and Sohn". According to the organizing committee of the competition, evaluating the submitted works, the jury paid attention to the originality of creative ideas, accuracy of translation and closeness to the original, sense of language, meaning and beauty of the text, adequacy of lexical and grammatical means, quality of rhyme, rhythmics..

      Those contestants who demonstrated a high level of language proficiency and creativity were awarded diplomas. Among them is Elyzaveta Vitsenko.

     Connoisseurs of poetry are offered a few lines of the original work of Robert Gernhardt and the translation of Elyzaveta, so you can appreciate the emotional insight and knowledge of the German language of the author of the translation.

Ja, die Uhr ist abgelaufen.
Wollen Sie die jetzt zurück?
Gibt’s die irgendwo zu kaufen?
Вже сплинув час,
А повернути можна?
Купити десь,
Хоч трохи, ну ніяк?

Congratulations to Elyzaveta and we wish her further success in learning German!


Svitlana Amelina,
head of the department of foreign philology and translation
Halyna Fomina,
associate professor of the department of foreign philology and translation

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