Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Адреса: 03041, Kyiv-041, 15, Heroiv Oborony st. National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Information Systems and Technologies Department: Building 16, room 234, 205.

Тел.: (044) 527-86-07

Електронна пошта: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Mykhailo Z. Shvydenko

PhD in Economics, Honored Professor of NULES of Ukraine, Academician of the International Informatization Academy


Department of Information Systems was established in 1997. Since its foundation it has been headed by PhD in Economics, Honored Professor of NULES of Ukraine, Academician of the International Informatization Academy Mykhailo Z. Shvydenko.

The main goal of the Department’s activities is to train specialists who will provide the development and implementation of information systems and computing technologies in agroindustrial complex (AIC). Department trains students in the fields of "Management" (specialty: "Management of organisations", "Management of foreign economic activity") and "Economy of enterprise" (specialty: "Accounting and Audit", "Finance", "Economy of enterprise", "Marketing" , "Economic cybernetics").

Teaching staff of Information Systems Department is working on ways to improve the teaching methods using the elements of distance learning in the educational process. The Department is in the constant process of enhancement of material and methodological basis and initiates new courses that meet international requirements. It was first among agricultural universities in Ukraine to introduce of distance learning in the educational process. The Department actively conducted seminars at various levels, created electronic textbooks, performed educational activities for introduction of distance learning as an effective way to implement the citizens' rights for education more completely. The Department, headed by M. Shvydenko, first adapted the international distance learning system Moodle into Ukrainian language, and now it is used effectively in the university`s educational process. Through the efforts of the Department the website of e-learning courses was developed, based on the Moodle platform, with Internet access for students of full-time and distance learning; the program of teachers training was developed using information-communicational technologies in the educational process. Also, teachers of the Department continuously produce manuals, methodological developments, monographs and scientific articles.

The main research areas of the Department are the following: the information systems development for supporting management of agricultural production in decision making, usage of Internet technologies in agricultural management, economic-mathematical forecasting of agricultural industries development, creation and implementation of computer technologies in educational process, incipience of information society. The Department conducts fruitful research work, including orders of state governmental bodies, and the obtained research results have innovative direction. One of the main results was the establishment and introduction of dataware system for agriculture based on Internet technologies. This system is based on the specifically created Internet portal "The agricultural sector of Ukraine", which is unique for Ukraine, universal and comprehensive resource of information provision to meet the needs of agricultural producers, commercial structures, advisory services, researchers, teachers, students and the general users public in reference, technical, technological, economic, marketing and the other agricultural information. Functioning of this system is a real contribution to the realization of human rights and especially the rural population in Ukraine providing free access to the related information.

Research results of Information Systems Department are permanently displayed at the international exhibitions, where they get approving reviews and appropriate recognition. In particular, at the XXIV International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2012" Department’s developments were awarded with a gold medal and diplomas.

Faculty members of the Department are actively involved in cooperation with foreign organizations and universities. For several years they conducted very extensive work for the successful execution of the contract between the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and FAO UN to develop the National agricultural information strategy. Developed Strategy of AIC and rural population informational support by 2015 is actively implemented and used by experts. With FAO support, the lecturers of the Department established an academic distance course "Information Resources Management" (IMARK) for using in the CIS countries. Also an effective cooperation with the Embassies of France and Germany in Ukraine was conducted for the development of national information support of the agricultural sector and its integration into the global informational space. In 2010, the French government awarded the head of the Department M. Shvydenko with the Order of Agricultural merit. Currently, the Department actively collaborates with the University of Nebraska (USA) on the creation of the electronic extension system in Ukraine.

Teachers of the Department constantly make presentations at international scientific conferences. In recent years, the Department conducted seven international and national conferences.


The Teachers of department use the following information-communication technologies in educational process: multimedia presentations of educational material, electronic educational courses, electronic testing, organizing the students’ individual work using web recourses. 

The department conducts classes on the following subjects:

The lecturers of the department issued 3 manuals and 10 references certified by the MES, 2 monographs, 19 methodical manuals and 65 articles.

The Teachers of department take an active part in extension of the academic staff qualification of the university. According to the order of scientific-methodological center of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy the training of those responsible for the introduction of distant education in agrarian educational establishments is conducted as well as thematic training seminars.

Innovation activity of the department is based on the use of new information technologies. The lecturers of the department initiated the process of creating of general scientific educational environment of the university.

The academic staff of the department took part in the implementation of international projects and programs:

  • TCP/UKR/3001 (A) “Formulation of the strategy and improvement of the service level of the National agro-information system”
  • Creation of the joint Master’s programs with the De Poll University
  • Adaptation of the IMARK module "Supervising of the electronic documents "
  • The program of the World Bank "Equal access to the high-quality education"
  • Charitable program of the Microsoft Corporation "Partnership in education "
  • Educational program of the Intel® Corporation "Education for future"

The Department`s Staff fruitfully cooperate with foreign universities and organizations, especially De Poll University ( Chicago, the USA), University of Louisiana ( the USA) , FАО UN, the Embassy of France in Ukraine etc. With the participation of the department’s staff the strategy of development of the information providing of AIC and rural citizens of Ukraine was created. With the support of FAO the educational distance course “Information resources management” (IMARK) was made for use in CIS countries.

Associate professor Glazunova O.G. worked on probation at De Pole university with the aim to take part in joint project on Master’s training in computer sciences.

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