Easter greetings from the dean of the faculty

18 квітня 2020 року
Dear colleagues! Dear students!

Let all the Easter bells ring,
the prayer call into flight our souls!
Let the bounty of the Lord come down to the Earth,
And the renewed world spread its wings.

     With a feeling of deep joy and sincere heart I congratulate you on the bright resurrection of Christ!

    Easter is a holiday especially revered and majestic, joyful and magical. Easter, bearing witness to God's grace, reminds us of the triumph of justice and the victory of good over evil, of life over death, of affirming faith and hope, of spiritual rebirth. Easter gives us hope for a better future, nourishes the soul and encourages each of us to reflect on the eternal values that save us from the routine of everyday life, from fear and anxiety. Easter is a celebration of life, a holiday of joy, a holiday of love.

   May each of us feel such a welcome breath of the April wind, listen to how a new life develops in nature. Let us cherish this life, cherish it, give tenderness and care to our families, do good on earth! Let all the troubles go away into oblivion, the images will be forgotten, and our hearts will be opened to love, kindness, mercy, sacrifice, sincerity. On this day, let us remember the simple truth: true happiness is to give love and good to people!

     Let us share with each other the joy of this celebration! Let's warm the hearts of those who are suffering and experiencing difficulties today. Let us turn to the Easter greetings at this troubled time, where each of us is confined to the walls of his home, to all people, both near and far. In this uncertain situation, let us build a home of personal, family and social life on a solid foundation of faith. Let's work inspiringly for the sake of the prosperity of Ukraine, our home university and faculty.

     I sincerely wish you a deep inner peace, spring in mood and well-being, confidence in tomorrow, love and harmony in your homes, sincerity and good in relationships.

Blessed holidays of the Resurrection of the Lord and the light Easter joy!

Christ has risen! – He has risen, indeed!


Sincerely yours,
dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogy                                                                 
Vasyl Shynkaruk

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