We congratulate Mykola Petrovych KOSTENKO on his Birthday!

17 квітня 2020 року


The Rectorate of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine sincerely congratulates the head of the department of physical education, Master of Sports of Ukraine of the international class on mini-football.


Mykola Petrovych KOSTENKO!


Congratulating you on this joyous day, we wish you professional excellence, a thorny life, bright emotions, new meetings and perspectives, luck and further victories in the sports field.

It is persistence, perseverance, endurance, striving to achieve the goals that led to the achievements you have gained in sports. So let your beautiful and friendly team respect you, and we wish you courageously always go with it to the glory.

We wholeheartedly wish you good health, inexhaustible energy and strength, happiness and love in your family. May every day be filled with vivid impressions and warmth of human relationships, and dreams come true and bring the desired joy and pleasure!


Rector of NULES of Ukraine  Stanislav Nikolaenko

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