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7 квітня 2020 року
The spring of 2020 has been an ordeal for the world. COVID-19… It's hard to find a person who wouldn't hear about this virus. As of April 6, statistics in the world look like this:

Coronavirus Cases: 1 274 022
Deaths: 69 464
Recovered: 264 807

According to the Ministry of Health, in Ukraine there are already 1319 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which lethal - 38, 28 patients recovered. During the day, 68 new cases were recorded (https://moz.gov.ua)

Coronavirus statistics for the top 10 countries
(data on new cases are given per day


Quarantine has been announced in Ukraine by April 24. Since March 12, students of NULES of Ukraine study in the distance mode. Since then, students, under the guidance of their instructors, have been mastering a lecture and practical material on the resource https://elearn.nubip.edu.ua. Video communication across the various platforms used by the department of philosophy teaching staff promotes training. Due to this, even in the conditions of self-isolation, students are able to maintain full active communication with their instructors.
The leadership, faculty, and students of our university are certainly in favor of stopping the spread of the virus.
“It has become clear today that the best mechanism for preventing the spread of infection is an individual social distance, and unfortunately, it is very difficult in a university setting. We fully understand that these changes will lead to disruptions in daily life, so we urge you to be mutually responsible to yourself, your families, friends, and team members,” – said NULES of Ukraine rector Stanislav Nikolaenko.
“Our society must learn to live in the new reality of infectious and information threats. Strict adherence to the new rules of the game, both at the personal and the state level, will facilitate rapid adaptation to modern, often unexpected, challenges and overcoming existing and new crisis phenomena», – the associate professor of the department of stock exchange activity and trade, candidate of economical sciences Yavorska V.A. is commenting in such a way.
Group of students together with doctor of philosophy, professor Storozhuk S.V. were interested in the issue of attitudes of students to the spread of the virus, compliance with quarantine requirements. "I strictly adhere to personal hygiene and quarantine ... I urge you to do so as well, as the level of threat to Ukrainians is unknown. Many people have returned from countries where the epidemic has gained considerable scope, so people need to be particularly cautious now. We do not know who is the carrier of the virus, but everyone contacts with the people for whom it will become a big threat,” – Svitlana Volodymyrivna emphasizes to her students. Instructors of the department of philosophy of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics were asked to write papers where students would express their thoughts on the spread of the virus and the current situation. How to prevent it, in fact, is everything happening in such a way as the media in different parts of Ukraine tell us about it, why it is not worth making panic. These and other questions and problems were revealed by the students. Many papers have spoken about people's indifference and failure to comply with even basic rules for preventing the virus. Therefore, at home, experiments were conducted on the spread of bacteria. The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate the importance of personal hygiene, especially during quarantine.


Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edcwW0dyqF4&feature=youtu.be

The results of the bacteria spreading which we can observe, are shown in the photo: 1 day of the experiment:



Last day of experiment:



We hope that after these photos, people will be more responsible for their own hygiene.
I would like to ask that students and instructors are not indifferent to the spread of the virus. Quarantine is not a vacation! Avoid meetings in companies, go out into the streets only when it is absolutely necessary, do not endanger yourself and your loved ones. In stores, keep a distance of at least 1.5 m, wear a mask and gloves. At the moment, each of us can be a carrier of the virus and only by following the rules, self-isolation and working mode in our own homes will we be able to preserve our health and that of our people.
Studying, self-development, reading books, watching your favorite movies, healthy sleep and eating, playing sports, yoga, music…
Self-isolation is not a reason to suppress! We ask everyone to treat the situation responsibly. Wash your hands, study at home and be healthy!


Hrabina Sofia,
first year student
of the faculty of economics

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