Eleventh-grader Inna Lopotukha from Chernihiv wants to obtain a profession of a vocational training instructor

6 квітня 2020 року

Today we are interviewing an eleventh-grader who has expressed a desire to study at the NULES of Ukraine at the faculty for humanities and pedagogics in the specialty "Vocational education" (Technology of production and processing of agricultural products)".

Hello, Inna Serhiivna! Tell us a little about yourself.Hello, Inna Serhiivna! Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello! I study in the 11th grade of Novobasanska comprehensive school of I-III degrees in Chernihiv region. I have an active life position. I have been doing vocal singing since elementary school, because I love to sing, especially our Ukrainian songs. I take an active part in social life, I help people solve their problems, I quickly find common ground with people. From childhood, I was attracted to pedagogy and biotechnology. I am interested in various sciences.

What was decisive in choosing a higher education institution and specialty?
The choice of higher education institution was not accidental. After all, NULES of Ukraine is among the top ten "TOP-200 Ukraine" universities. This university provides quality education, offering a variety of educational programs, opportunities for internships at leading enterprises and broad prospects for internships, including abroad, and in the future, I think, employment. Convenient location, good landscape, dormitory, well-developed infrastructure, the opportunity to get an international diploma with a double diploma program, all this, and even more, is offered by this university.

Where did you get to know about our university?
I learned about NULES of Ukraine from the instructors of the department of pedagogy who carried out vocational work at our school. I also heard a lot of positive feedback about the university from my friends. Most of my acquaintances have chosen this institution of higher education to study. For their advice, I visited an open day. I was impressed, first of all, by the picturesque nature of the area where the institution of higher education is located and the sincere instructors who answered all the questions that my mother and I had. I was fascinated by the concert program that was prepared for the entrants.

Tell me, did you take advantage of the preparatory courses available at the university?
Yes of course. And I want to thank for this opportunity to remotely prepare for the EIT. I live in a rural area, and unfortunately, the opportunity to attend additional classes is somewhat limited. Therefore, when I was offered to deepen my knowledge of the subjects I plan to take, I gladly agreed.

Do you plan to participate in the Olympiad for joining NULES of Ukraine?
I have already taken part in the first distance tour of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for joining NULES, having completed and sent a job in biology. I plan to take part in the second stage according to the schedule, because participating in the Olympiad gives me a unique opportunity to get up to 20 additional points to my EIT certificates.

What do you expect from studying at university?
From the stories of the university's instructors, I learned that at the department of cultural studies of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics there are various groups and creative teams, such artists as V. Kryshchenko, N. Shelepnytska work. I have already said that I love to sing, so I have great hope that I will become a student of such famous Ukrainian people!

Also, in communication with the head of the department of pedagogy Ruslan Sopivnyk, I learned that students of the educational-professional program "Vocational education" (Technology of production and processing of agricultural products) are actively involved in scientific research within the scientific group "Pedagogy and the present". I hope to become a member of this circle, which will enable me to carry out scientific explorations. Ruslan Vasylyovych also spoke about an interesting form of interaction between students and employers – the "Agrarian and educational consulting club", which creates the conditions for training in real-life models of agricultural production, opens opportunities for study tours with the acquisition of modern technologies, new technology from the industry, creates the conditions for secondary employment, further employment of higher education applicants, which is also important to me.

Thank you, Inna, for your interesting interview and the meeting at NULES of Ukraine as a student of the department of pedagogy.

Professor of the department of pedagogy Oksana Vasyuk
was taking interview

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