Ksanti: native NULES is a starting point for success and the best Alma Mater in the world

5 квітня 2020 року

Ukrainians are delighted by the creative work of a beautiful girl, a romantic singer, a young mother and a talented instructor Ksanti by name. Having got acquainted with the bright star of show business, it turned out that she is a successful graduate of NULES of Ukraine. It is the memories of the alma mater that led to the exciting interview.


- You, a beauty itself, tell us about yourself and the stages of your becoming.

- I am very pleased to tell about myself for those who are going to study at NULES. My story began almost thirty years ago and would have been the usual biography of a dreamy girl from Donetsk, who studied well and worked successfully, however, the decisive event was the choice of the university for further study. It is the native NULES of Ukraine that became the starting point and the best Alma mater in the world.


- Ksanti, NULES is the whole world, student country, what exactly do you remember, what is warming your heart?

- So many stories and fond memories related to the ninth dormitory where I lived in my freshman year, so much experience and knowledge gained from my home university. And, of course, strolling through the incredible Holosiivskyi park, reflecting old trees and snapping pictures of clouds in the lakes will remain in your memory

- Which faculty did you choose?

- Having chosen a specialty "economic cybernetics", I immediately began to be engaged in choreography at the department of cultural studies in the ensemble "Divoche suzirya (Maiden constellation)". It was a real student life, as it is described in books. The availability of halls, professional educators and the appropriate level of creative teams have also become one of the deciding factors in choosing the university. We have done a lot of concerts and also received invaluable experience of communication with the audience and concert practice. Since my student years, I have met well-known artists, with whom I began to collaborate in both ballet and backing vocals.


- Dear Ksanti, now you are a successful instructor and elite multi-faceted singer with your own group of musicians. Where was that starting point from which this beautiful life began?

 - Thank you for the kind words ... The idea of creating my own pop project came after graduation from the university, however, before that I had the experience of singing in a rock band and administering a music collective. Having accumulated the necessary knowledge and connections (wherever without this in the modern show business), one of the summer nights, my team and I met in the studio to write music. One of my goals was to perform at the “Ukraine” palace, and I achieved it right after the first track was released. We are focused on the needs of the market and the "format" of music for unhindered access to radio and television. The strategy worked. Next is writing new songs, shooting videos, many concerts and creating your own festival. It all started to come together into one big chain of professional creative activity, where I was already invited as a member of the jury of competitions and the person who was successful. And all this time I didn't forget about NULES, because I continued my studies in graduate school. Living simply and steadily was a crime against my personality, as I thought, so constant search, collaborations and new horizons have become an integral part of every day. Sometimes it seems to me that every person has so much energy and undiscovered potential that it could provide the whole metropolis with its light.

- You are so sincere and cheerful, your life story is like a fairy tale of a princess from the "Holosiivskyi Kingdom". Do you believe in the power of dreams?

 - Of course, my dream is gradually becoming a goal and I am confidently reaching my goal. Self-restraint is the secret of my success. Yes, I have always dreamed of imagining myself on the big stage since childhood, however, my love for the exact sciences has been reflected in my professional diploma that only faith in myself and my dream helped me realize all that I have. The quarantine will end and we, as small fish, will emerge from the aquariums (sometimes it seems to me that we live in them permanently). And know that nothing should hold you back and limit you, the truth is only now, in the moment, and life is created to make dreams come true.

Dear Ksanti, Thank you for your frank talk, for your warm memories of our university. We sincerely wish you creative meetings and family happiness, joy for the family, passionate love and success for the little daughter, who we expect at NULES so as not to break the tradition.

N. Kolesnyk, monitor of the “Young journalist” circle, was taking interview,
scientific adviser associate professor of the department of journalism
and language communication V. Chekalyuk
Photo from Ksanti https://instagram.com/ksanti_project?igshid=1naci6x9fyxg2





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