Kukhar Victoria: psychology is my calling

3 квітня 2020 року

Today we interviewed a future student of the faculty for humanities and pedagogicsKukhar Victoria Oleksandrivna, a graduate of the 11-A grade of secondary school No. 258 in Kyiv.


- Victoria, where did you get to know about NULES of Ukraine?

 - I was born and raised in the Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv, and since my childhood I have been acquainted not only with all the sights of the city, but also with the largest and best universities. Their main buildings, as a rule, are not only an architectural decoration of our city, but also located in the more picturesque spots of Kyiv - surrounded by picturesque parks that lured me and my classmates to spend their free time there. Thanks to this kind of leisure, my friends and I became acquainted with all the largest universities in Kyiv, including NULES of Ukraine. One day, we specifically went on a trip to its botanical garden and were amazed not only by its beauty but also by the friendly communication with students who were asked questions about future education. These were students-psychologists who with such enthusiasm told us about their studies, and then hospitably invited to their department.


- Is it only Holosiivski landscapes that attracted you to NULES of Ukraine? 

- Of course not. I began to think about a possible entry into NULES of Ukraine earlier, listening to stories about student life of high school students. An elder sister of one of my girlfriends studied at NULES of Ukraine and often told about interesting and very busy student life. However, my final choice was determined by university professors, who often visited our school, talked about the opportunities and perspectives, the specialties we can study, and the features of student life.


- Victoria, why did you stop your perspective on psychology? What attracts you to this specialty?

Psychology started to attract me a long time ago ... A school psychologist often conducted interesting surveys and talked about our psychological features, helped to solve problems, to resolve conflicts that arose between us and sometimes with instructors. However, I made the final decision thanks to my classmates. Most of them, when planning to enter different specialties, devote a lot of their time to studying, in particular, the study of foreign languages, mathematics and other subjects, and therefore very limited their communication. Usually we only keep in touch with information and communication technologies. This caused the appearance in me the feeling of loneliness, which, in my opinion, was due to the lack of live and direct communication. I think this problem applies not only to me, my friends or other students, but also to many other people. Many of them, including our parents, in the pursuit of competitiveness, limit their communication by telephone and messaging - sometimes they are brief and informative, sometimes long-term correspondence, without any definite content. Such communication takes our time, but does not make us happier. People began to communicate more online, but became single and closed. It seems to me that the further development of information and communication technologies will exacerbate this problem, thus making the profession of psychologist very much in demand.


- Thank you, Victoria! Good luck! And we are waiting for you at our university!


Svitlana Storozhuk,

professor of the department of philosophy,

was interviewing


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