Online learning: organization of distance learning of the department of English philology with students of different faculties

2 квітня 2020 року

Today's situation is a challenge for the whole of society. The instructors realized that the learning process could stop at any moment, because no one was immune to viruses and epidemics. We need to accumulate e-bank resources for each instructor, each group, for each topic.

It is a pleasure that every instructor of the department of English philology has felt it all: he can no longer be a simple user, but must have the technology, install programs, work with platforms.

ІAn interactive platform for distance learning for students and instructors of the department of English philology has become the e-learn platform, on which the communication process takes place. Instructors have placed their courses in the system, defined their main purpose and provided explanations regarding the laboratory work.


The faculty of the department use the e-learn platform, where they place theoretical material and presentations, electronic tutorials, tests, laboratory assignments, independent work, control and self-control of students.