Anastasia Pavlush: I want to become a translator and choose NULES on the advice of my parents

2 квітня 2020 року
  • Nastya, where do you study?

     – I study at the Voloshynivskyi educational complex named after the Hero of Ukraine Ruslan Luzhevskyi. This is the Baryshevskyi district of Kyiv region.

  • Have you ever thought about choosing a profession and where you are going to get it?

     – Yes, I have recently been faced with the question of choosing a future profession and, consequently, choosing an educational establishment to get a proper education. Among many universities, I opted out of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

  • Why do you choose NULES?

     – It was advised by my parents. At one time, they were educated at this university, and they have very warm and pleasant memories of the university.

  • What do you know about our university today?

     – It has a modern educational base, qualified instructors who are well versed in their field, a friendly atmosphere throughout the institution. And yet the incredible beauty of the university botanical garden, the beautiful scenery around, as well as the interesting and fun student life.

  • Which faculty do you choose?

     – Among many faculties, I chose the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, because the study of foreign languages in the modern world, in my opinion, is very important. And yet - I just enjoy learning English and have a great desire to learn German.


  • What are you dreaming about?

     – I hope that I will someday become a part of the big world thanks to the education obtained at NULES of Ukraine.

Svitlana Moskalenko,
senior lecturer in the department of foreign philology and translation, was interviewing

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