We study Latin during quarantine

1 квітня 2020 року

The introduction of quarantine in higher education institutions has created a good reason to acquire new professional skills and introduce distance learning into the life of students. Thus, instructors of Latin, under the direction of the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, professor Shynkaruk Vasyl Dmytrovych, have actively participated in teaching on the e-learn platform. The special interest of the students of the specialties 015 "Professional education (technology of production and processing of agricultural products)", 053 "Psychology", 231 "Social work" is caused by such forms of work as the preparation of video reports and audio presentations.

The language, which has long been considered dead, has sounded new in modern interpretation. Our students chanted "Gaudeamus" and catch phrases. The internet was filled with Latin words and expressions. Ancient language has acquired new speakers, our students.


Remote forms of teaching gave us the opportunity to look at Latin from a different angle. In particular, the “Zoom” platform and the “Latin Language” forum contribute to the active study of the material. “Primus inter pares” professor V. Shynkaruk's favorite slogan, even in difficult quarantine times, has found its validity within the walls of our faculty.

Halyna Fomina,
associate professor of the department of journalism and language communication



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