Remote meeting of the department of social work and rehabilitation

29 березня 2020 року

On March 27, 2020, the faculty of the department of social work and rehabilitation met for the first time in the history of the department's meetings using the Zoom platform.


The following issues were discussed at the meeting:
1) Address of rector Stanislav Nikolaenko in connection with the introduction of quarantine
2) Message of the deputy minister of education and science of Ukraine Lubomyra Mandziy (March 26, 2020) on two scenarios for the end of the school year, conducting an external independent evaluation, and an entrance campaign.
3) Experience of the teaching staff of the department on the organization of distance learning of students. Difficulties in implementing distance learning.
4) Quality of educational training of specialists in educational and professional programs: first (bachelor) level "Social work"; the second (master's) level "Social-psychological rehabilitation"; of the second (master's) level "Social work". Foreign experience in organizing remote work with higher education applicants.
5) Providing feedback to higher education students in distance learning.
6) Career guidance in quarantine.
7) Department information policy.
8) Results of surveys of the applicants for higher education of educational and professional programs "Social-psychological rehabilitation" and "Social work" regarding the level of organization and quality of the provision of educational services in the remote mode.
9) Master class for online lectures on Zoom platform.
10) Preparation of scientific articles, abstracts, methodological developments, improvement of the ENC on the e-learn platform.
11) Preparing for the summer session in remote mode.
In the course of work, it has been found out that all scientific-pedagogical workers work in the remote mode, use a wide arsenal of possible tools for learning online. Most higher education graduates have started their studies remotely, perform tasks, send them to scientific and pedagogical staff for examination. There are isolated cases in groups where individual providers do not have access to the Internet. For such young people, information and tasks are proven by telephone.
On the positive side, there are no sick trainees or scientific-pedagogical workers so far identified. Everyone is working hard. Keep it up. Health and success!


Iryna Sopivnyk,
acting head of the department of social work and rehabilitation





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