Distance Learning with ICTE Masters. Associate Professor O.V. Kuchay's Experience

25 березня 2020 року

During the quarantine period, instituted by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for all educational institutions, the educational process is conducted according to the schedule in the remote access mode (distantly) at the department of pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine. The university is gradually moving to a unified system for student education – the NULES Training portal, which will provide rapid creation, dissemination of materials and tasks for the organization of the distance education process. All instructors of the department of pedagogy have created and conduct classes with students on the NULES Training portal.

NULES Training portal home page (desktop version)

Web service integrates creation and exchange of tasks, writing texts, communication, messaging, evaluating learning outcomes and more. The NULES Training portal is convenient and easy to use for teachers and students, allowing you to organize the learning process from your personal computer as well as from mobile devices (iOS, Android). Thanks to these opportunities, the teacher can monitor the personal work of each student, evaluate it, provide recommendations and more.


NULES Training portal (mobile version)

Through the NULES Training portal, instructors of the department of pedagogy for quarantine period will provide students with everything they need for independent study: methodological recommendations, materials for lectures, practical classes and laboratory work according to the schedule. Practical and laboratory reports, homework, their protection, consultations will be conducted through Zoom, Skype, Viber, Telegram, email.


The associate professor of the department Oleksandr Kuchay teaches in the magistracy on a specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences" (Information and communication technologies in education). The instructor training card for 2018/2019 academic year there are such disciplines as "Multimedia technologies in education", "Modern programming technologies", "Web-programming", "Creation of e-resources of educational portal". All students of the ICTE-19001m group are enrolled in the above courses and are engaged daily both independently and with the instructor.

The aim of the “Web programming” course is to familiarize and study web application programming tools, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Java, PHP programming languages, as well as to form and summarize specific knowledge and skills of students in support of applications for the Internet.

While going through the topic "Using CSS cascade style sheets," students understood that CSS as cascading style sheets is a web page design technology. The basic concept of CSS is style – that is, a set of layout and formatting rules that can be applied to various elements of a document.

In standard HTML, to attribute any element to certain properties (such as color, size, position on the page, etc.), one had to describe these properties each time, increasing the file size and loading time on the computer of the user viewing it. CSS works in a more convenient and economical way. To assign a certain element to the desired characteristics, it is necessary to describe this element once and define this description as a style, and then simply indicate that the element to be designed appropriately must accept the properties of the specified style..

Students take a variety of tests on each topic. Students can take tests not only from laptops / computers, but also from tablets or mobile phones at a convenient time for the student and at a convenient location.

Test results are visible in a table or bar chart. The table is very convenient to see the answers to each question, an overall assessment of when the test began and ended and how long it took to complete the test.


The consultations are held daily using the Zoom online training platform. Zoom Video Communications is a company that provides cloud-based remote conferencing services. Zoom offers communication software that integrates video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.

Zoom is great for individual and group classes, students can access from both their computer and tablet and phone. Anyone who has the link or conference ID can connect to the video conference. You can schedule an event in advance, and make a link for a permanent home lesson at certain times, you can make the same link for the entrance.


Students have interest, they not only learn and gain new knowledge, but also share their positive experiences on social networking pages.


We wish students inspiration to gain new knowledge, not to get sick during the quarantine period! Good luck to all!

Ruslan Sopivnyk,
Head of the department of pedagogy

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