Living in the “four walls” is a test for students and their instructors

24 березня 2020 року

Quarantine has been introduced in many countries around the world by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Ukraine is no exception, meaning that the habitual lifestyle of millions has changed dramatically. Someone can easily enjoy loneliness and isolation, and for someone it is such a great stress that can lead to serious mental disorders. How to survive quarantine and not get depressed, how to continue life and stay calm.

"Quarantine is a true test," says Veronika Chekalyuk, a psychologist, social communications specialist, practitioner, exploring the issues of image creation and replication: "Everyone should choose the most optimal formula that is acceptable in the family. If there are schoolchildren in the family, then one should definitely not ignore the schedule that was in the usual circumstances. Encourage your child with video lessons, more reading. Previously, children were reading materials in their shortened variant because of a lack of time, but now there is more time that is saved by spending less outside. Therefore, books can be read in full. In addition, reading books that are part of the program and will help keep students in good shape after quarantine, I mean in educational. Today I heard even such an anecdote on the radio that the husband finally talked to his wife and realized that she is a very cool girl. That is, I suggest that you still pay attention to each other. To devote time to live communication, it is possible to get to know each other in this situation. Because through the lens of different circumstances, people become friendlier. And this is exactly the kind of stress factor when we look at who and what we are capable of. Who is the leader and who is the psychologist in the family?”

Prepared by Oksana Dudar

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