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23 березня 2020 року

The famous psychologist D.O. Leontiev, describing the peculiarities of the life of the present man, characterized it as a situation of uncertainty. Every day, the individual is challenged: the transformation of values, the change of habitual ways of interaction, the emergence of new forms and methods of mastering reality and more. However, in most cases, a person is able to find a resource that helps him to overcome uncertainty – creativity, reflective thinking, stress resistance, the search for new knowledge, and so on. The present time is no exception – the need to preserve the health of the nation necessitated the introduction of temporary quarantine. It would seem that the educational process has stopped. However, neither the scientific-pedagogical staff of the department of psychology of the faculty for humanities and Pedagogics, nor their students who chose the specialty of psychologist agreed with this opinion.

     Instructors have taken care of the various forms of student learning, including distance learning, so future psychologists can now master the course materials using the following resources:
1) electronic training courses on the Moodle information platform of the NULES of Ukraine Training Portal;
2) Google Class on the official portal of NULES of Ukraine;
3) social networks Viber, Telegram (individual training consultations);
4) Skype program (online communication).

     Analyzing numerous requests of students and their own psycho-emotional state, the scientific-pedagogical staff of the department conducted a webinar for their students "Technology of overcoming stress". Students were able to consider different scientific approaches to the interpretation of the concept of "stress", to consider the characteristic of the actual stressor, to understand the peculiarities of the course of each stage of the specified process. And most importantly, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department reminded the students of the ways of successful coping with stress:

1) active interaction with the stressor – obtaining valid knowledge of coronavirus infection on the official website of WHO, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, official sites of district hospitals, in WHO bulletins;
2) changing the view of the problem – do not perceive the emotions of others, but analyze what I do to protect myself and loved ones, what else needs to be taken care of; I realize that I am in good health now;
3) social comparison – the overall situation in Ukraine is much better than in other countries; I am much better safe as I follow the rules of hygiene and self-isolation during quarantine; the majority of the population is infected with coronavirus infection in a mild form;
4) relaxation – reducing the amount of negative information – refusal to constantly watch a flurry of news, the ability to watch your favorite movies, socialize with your friends, study remotely in a convenient mode, at a comfortable pace, in the usual conditions;
5) help others – tell your relatives, loved ones and friends how you give advice to your psycho-emotional state, help reduce their anxiety, silence others with your own example of balance;
6) if you believe in God, turn to Him with a sincere prayer for your health and that of your loved ones, asking for an end to the pandemic in the world;
7) Exercise, follow a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to remove stress, promote the influx of physical strength.


     Also, the department instructors introduced students to the technology of social and psychological resilience, which will be useful for them in the present conditions of life, as well as in the future – active professional activity.

L.M. Omelchenko,
associate professor of the department of psychology

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