Coronavirus tragedy should not be a disaster for humanity

23 березня 2020 року

The Coronavirus has changed the life of the world ... Thousands of businesses and organizations are closed, no murmurings in the streets, empty cafes and restaurants, and people wearing masks, gloves, and overalls have become like thriller characters about the terrible future of humanity. But this is not a movie – it is our reality today. Now we are afraid of getting sick, and then there will be an awareness of the results of the economic recession that will hit all countries. But still, there is another danger – the threat of social distrust, aggression or indifference to those around them. Coronavirus is also a test of the effectiveness of political and religious systems, of tolerance and humanism.

    The coronavirus has become a nightmarish horror to the planetary society, but at the same time it is also a teacher – cruel, but perhaps necessary for humanity, which is mired in the mire of selfishness and self-interest, environmental catastrophes and ignoring existing problems. We are scared that we do not know how to protect ourselves. It is easy to feel powerless at this time – there is no vaccination or cure for COVID-19 yet. But with the current level of medical development, the coronavirus itself can be defeated soon enough. And although people are not yet able to stop it from spreading, there are a few steps we can take today and, above all, to help and protect the most vulnerable groups of people ... From regular hand washing, wearing masks, restricting our own movement and only on condition an urgent need (this is the easiest thing we can do to protect our health and prevent disease) – to the moral support of one another, parents, the support of elderly people who live nearby and in need of help. Although one of the consequences of combating coronavirus can be physical isolation – either through quarantine or through the "social distancing" introduced by officials to reduce the spread of the virus – scientists believe that staying in touch with others is as important today as ever. Sociology professor S. Torres states, "We must not isolate ourselves before we stop supporting others." The coronavirus has become a touchstone of our humanity. By helping others, we return to our true self.
     In many countries around the world, a volunteer movement has started, with representatives helping seniors deliver food, medicine. Individuals also join to be helpful.

     Such stories indicate that each of us makes our own choices and ultimately answers the deepest philosophical question, "Who am I? What is the meaning of my life? Why did I come to this planet?”
Dear students, young colleagues! Recalling the need to observe the rules of quarantine behavior, the application of all necessary means of protection, the observance of all quarantine restrictions, the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics invites you to join the action "You are not alone", which is aimed at the strong help of people who are in a bad mood. and have no opportunity to go to the store or pharmacy. Also, do not forget about your elderly relatives, who may be physically distant, but who now very much need your moral support and warmth.
     Even without physically contacting older people who are at home, you can bring the things they need, medicines and leave them under the door of their apartment or home, or order products or medicines online at their request. If you have the ability to remotely use visual communications, show your smiling faces to your loved ones, give them a call, listen to them, and support them.
      We believe in the generosity of your soul! After all, helping others – you help yourself!

Only together will we make the world a better place!

Tetiana Danylova,
associate professor of the department of philosophy

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