Innovation of working with students during quarantine. A new form of learning

22 березня 2020 року

People who are able to see the problem in 5-D format and can easily tell it to the world are considered true Teachers.

Veronica Chekalyuk

We are responsible for the future today. The image of the country depends on every citizen. When working with students and communicating with colleagues, becoming and pursuing a career in the scientific environment, understanding what a specialist should be like to prepare a student for adulthood qualitatively. During quarantine (distance learning) we gain new experience in teaching subjects without losing quality of work and efficiency for the student. As in scientific works and practical teaching activity we emphasize on the combination of practice and science.

The scientific vision of the process of teaching “Ukrainian for Professional Purpose” involves a comprehensive preparation of the student for further employment and implementation of his plans in professional life. The primary task is to be able to present yourself in the labor market, to be a competitive specialist. From the very first days of study at our university, students have been taking notes of lectures, writing professional essays, preparing public speeches, business cards, summaries and autobiographies. We, students, lay the foundations for future professional growth, learn to work for the future: clearly distinguish the concepts of "professionalism", "self-presentation", "image", "reputation", "positioning", "self-development", as well as correlate them in the context of image conception "state", "country", "nation (people)" - a fluent knowledge of literary Ukrainian, professional terms in office management and daily life - shapes the outlook of not only students but also the environment.

How we communicate, how we build relationships in a team, how we correspond and communicate on the phone - all this affects the perception of Ukrainians in the world; the formation of the state image depends on every citizen, so every student, gaining quality knowledge of the course "Ukrainian language for professional orientation" can confidently claim leadership in society, because language is the key to a career. The Ukrainian language is a tool, knowledge forms the image of a professional, gives advantages to the student among other applicants in the competitive world. Together with other humanities, social sciences, image science is gaining popularity among practitioners and contemporary scholars, so more and more trends and interpretations are emerging. In terms of content and possible direction, image science acquires scientific color in accordance with its scope of application: state formation, science, diplomacy, business, economics, PR, political science, medicine, culture, art, show business, social sphere, psychology. Teachers are the most loved people in the new adult life for freshmen. We, teachers, have the honor and at the same time feel a great responsibility to be a teacher, a friend for freshmen, during quarantine, in the conditions of distance learning we provide a quality educational process (communicating on the educational platform and the National University private messages).

As we interact with students, we continue to improve ourselves, we are life-long learners. Time is changing: modern students are erudite and intelligent, seeking to communicate with those who know more about them. They are looking for someone to help them develop professionally. Under the program of the course "Ukrainian for Professional Purpose" we study documentary science, among such works as resume, business card, autobiography, essay we focus on the topic of correspondence. Letter is a type of communication. Its content and design depend on what the further relationship of the addressee and the addressee will be. Our course "Ukrainian for Professional Purpose" involves deepening of knowledge and ability to present yourself at conferences, to be able to hold negotiations, be a professional finder for the future employer. We are focused on the theoretical basis of the formation of creative and artistic thinking, contributing to the development of practical skills in the field of work, in particular, landowner, not only during communications at work, but also in everyday life - writing posts in social networks, communication with colleagues and in the family . The study of theoretical and practical material implies updating of cross-curricular links throughout the humanitarian cycle. During work with students, exercises and questions for self-control, practical tasks on a topical topic (land management, land management, geodesy) are offered.

On the examples we offer to get acquainted with the experience of domestic and foreign surveyors-contemporaries; public and public figures, diplomats, politicians; in particular, US President Abraham Lincoln was a landowner. Exercises and tasks, complexes of questions for self-control are presented for deeper mastering of the educational material, video lectures and fragments of practical lessons on the subject of the course "Ukrainian language for professional direction" are offered. Join us. NULES portal is fully operational: Maksym Mokriev – chief administrator of the Center for distance learning technologies and Iryna Khlyastikova, head of the department of eLearning Resources provide technical support for the smooth running of faculty with students on platform


Associate professor of the department of journalism and language communication
Veronika V. Chekalyuk


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