We continue our education!

20 березня 2020 року

"We continue our education!" – under this slogan there is an organization for studying the discipline "Head of educational institution" by students of master's programs of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics by distance learning, which is taught by professor of the department of pedagogy Stanislav Nikolaenko. The forced transition to the quarantine of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine did not stop the educational process, but only transferred it to new conditions, to which both instructors and students were ready, since electronic educational courses have been used as a means of independent work of students for many years.

The study of topic No.10 “Management decision-making in an educational institution” was not postponed, but took place according to the schedule of the daily form of training. After a lively lecture by Stanislav Nikolaenko, students moved on to the remote performance of independent work tasks, which were distributed according to the didactic requirements according to the differentiated and phased nature of cognitive activity.

The distance learning seminar sparked a lively discussion in the forum and during online consultations as part of the reconstructive and heuristic tasks of the topic. Such tasks form students' professional and general competences (Soft skills), which become the basis for acquiring their ability and readiness for personal and professional communication, teamwork, creative professional activity. During the remote performance of such tasks, student youth actively participated in the discussion of problems and offered their own creative and professionally grounded options for decisions, including: justification of the stages of managerial decision-making and their effectiveness; identification of objective and subjective factors that influence management decision making; substantiation of the influence of the psychological state and character of the head on his decision; conducting comparative analysis of individual and collegial approaches to management decision-making in educational institutions.

The involvement of students in consultations with practitioners was quite important in the study of this topic by distance learning. It should be emphasized that professor Stanislav Nikolaenko implements a practice-oriented approach in teaching the discipline “Head of the educational institution”, which involves the participation of students in the fulfillment of real professional tasks, including participation in meetings and the development of real plans of the institution. Therefore, to solve problems within the given tasks on this topic, students were involved in consultations with the heads of educational institutions, including the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics Vasyl Shynkaruk and his team of deputies (Yaroslav Rudyk, Svitlana Kharchenko, Ihor Butsyk). Such work allowed future specialists to substantiate their own vision of favoring collegial forms of decision-making in the educational establishment, to get acquainted with real plans of implementing the management decision and practice of their implementation.

Students were particularly impressed by the practical work they performed as part of the creative task of developing a plan for executing managerial decisions. On the whole, future leaders have coped well with this task and have developed a number of necessary realistic plans for the implementation of management decisions in educational institutions, including: measures related to the announcement of quarantine, a plan for the implementation of disinfection measures at the university, decisions of the pedagogical council to prevent bullying at school, holding an open day, welcoming a foreign delegation to the institution, etc.

It should be emphasized that further educational work does not stop there. After that, students were given the task of consolidating knowledge and skills on the topic, as well as the task of preparing for the next lecture, which is a necessary element of the methodological system of teaching at the department of pedagogy of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics.

The example of colleagues from the department of pedagogy of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics is not alone. Colleagues from the departments of management and educational technologies, foreign philology and translation, Romance-Germanic languages and translation, social work and rehabilitation and others are holding an active remote work with students. Information about their distance learning experience will also be available on the University's official website

Associate professor
of the department of pedagogy of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics
Ihor Butsyk

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