Ministry of Education and Science: remuneration is maintained during quarantine

17 березня 2020 року
Such a message, in a letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to the rector Stanislav Nikolaenko, was signed by the Acting Minister Yuriy Polyukhovych No.1/9-161 dated 13.03.2020.

     In particular, it states that in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in the territory of Ukraine at the meeting of the Government on March 11, 2020, it was decided (resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 11, 2020 No.211) to institute a quarantine from March 12 to April 2020 in the entire territory Ukraine by prohibiting attending educational institutions by its applicants. Quarantine terms may change depending on the epidemiological situation in Ukraine.

     During the quarantine period, the Ministry of Education and Science recommended (letter dated 11.03.2020 № 1/9-154) to the heads of educational establishments, education authorities and local self-government to develop measures for partial transfer of employees of educational establishments to remote work and to perform other types of work (organizational, methodical, scientific, other pedagogical activity, etc.).
      We remind that in accordance with Article 113 of the Labor Code of Ukraine during the downtime, when an industrial situation, dangerous to the life or health of the employee or to the people around him and the environment appeared, and is not the fault of the employee, the average earning is maintained for him.

     According to clauses 77, 89 of the Instruction on the procedure for calculating the salaries of education workers, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine from April 15, 1993 No.102, in cases where classes are not held on separate days for reasons other than the teacher (instructor), his remuneration is paid from the calculation of the salary set at the tariff, provided that the teacher (instructor) performs other organizational and pedagogical work. In the absence of such work, downtime shall be paid for in the manner and in the amounts specified in the Labor Code of Ukraine.

     In addition, in accordance with clause 8.3.3 of the Sectoral Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Central Committee of the Union of Workers of Education and Science of Ukraine for 2016-2020, the parties recommend that heads of educational institutions provide payment for employees, including non-pedagogical, the size of the average wage.

     Therefore, remuneration for all employees (pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and other employees) of educational establishments where training is suspended for the period of quarantine is paid at the average wage, and for those pedagogical workers whose remuneration is paid according to tariffs of the wages established during the tariffing, while observing the conditions of the current legislation. It is stated in a letter from the Ministry of Education and Science.


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