Circle members got acquainted with the educational program of the British Council in Ukraine

12 березня 2020 року

     In the context of the English language week to familiarize with the online resources for learning and teaching English, students of the English language circle “English in the modern world”, together with the instructors of the Department of English for technical and agro-biological specialties Inna Hrabovska and Ludmyla Berezova visited the British Council in Ukraine. The British Council is an international organization of the United Kingdom aimed at enhancing cultural relations and expanding educational opportunities. It operates in more than 100 countries across six continents, creating opportunities for international cooperation on a daily basis.

     The British Council has numerous free online resources to help adults, teenagers and children learn English. Resources include videos, audio and grammar exercises. The British Council offers a range of mobile English language learning applications. You can learn the language in games, podcasts, movies and quizzes. These applications effectively help improve English language skills in grammar, vocabulary and preparation for international exams

     One of the most popular and useful online resources from the British Council is its You tube channel. It lets you watch videos to learn how to write business letters, learn idioms, refine strategies for quickly memorizing lexical units, and more. In addition, the British Council offers numerous audio and video materials to improve language practice. These include podcasts with stories, an audio series created jointly with the BBC by a selection of television programs to learn English, as well as a training video explaining how to use the language correctly in communicative situations.

     Leading British Council experts share with the English language teachers their British experiences and innovations in teaching English. A professional support network is offered, containing hundreds of high-quality online resources, methodological recommendations, and development of lesson plans aimed at helping teachers in their professional development.

     We are thankful to the British Council in Ukraine for the cooperation. Knowledge of modern English online teaching technologies gained in the British Council, lessons learned and skills will be introduced into the teaching process by English language teachers for technical and agrobiology majors, and will be of use to students in the preparation for the MSc Master's Degree.

Inna Hrabovska,
Head of the Department of English
for technical and agro-biological specialties,
Ludmyla Berezova,
Associate Professor of English
for technical and agro-biological specialties

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