Let's unite our hearts with Kobzar's words – a flash mob was held at the university on the occasion of T.H. Shevchenko’s birthday

9 березня 2020 року


    In the history of each nation there are names that make up its glory, grandeur and national pride. This is exactly the name of the immortal Kobzar – Taras Shevchenko for Ukraine. So, on March 6, 2020, on the occasion of the 206th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birth, the educational and scientific center of educational work and social development together with the scientific library held a nationwide flash mob "Nash Shevchenko", which took place on the Walk of Fame of the University.

     The ceremony was opened by the rector of the University Stanislav Nikolaenko, noting that life-long poetry of Taras Shevchenko always, at all times, excites and fills the hearts of Ukrainians with the love for their native land, the Ukrainian people. It is a pleasure to note that the Vice-Rectors of the University – Ihor Ibatullin, Serhiy Kvasha, Vadym Tkachuk, Valeriy Ishchenko, as well as the deans of faculties and their deputies, heads of departments, participated in the flash mob.
     Taras Shevchenko is the whole world. A world of images, feelings, thoughts, ideas. So, his pen-written and deep poems filled Holosiiv with an atmosphere of poetry, creativity and immersed us in the Shevchenko era. During the flash mob Kobzar's wonderful poems were heard in the emotional, spiritual and inspired performance of the following students:

  • Denys Piroh, Roman Revenko, Ivan Chekan, Vladyslav Sheshyna, Kristina Kolyada, Maria Taborovets – Faculty of Economics;
    Tetiana Hvozdyk, Yulia Antonyuk, Yulia Blahodyr, Valeria Stovbur, Olena Synhaevska, Maria Moroz – Faculty of Plant Protection, Ecology and Biotechnology;
    Oleksandr Yakushev, Iryna Parkhomchuk, Natalia Subotyshyna, Anton Kuchmiy – Faculty of Information Technology;
    Maryna Kolesnyk, Olha Vasylyshyna, Narine Bahdasaryan – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;
    Valentyna Ponomarenko, Yulia Kovbel, Yana Zadorodnya, Svitlana Nesterenko, Anhelina Kudasheva – Faculty of Agrarian Management;
    Natalia Bilodid, Kateryna Mykhailyk, Svyatoslav Vodianka, Vadym Yarymchuk – Faculty of Land Management;
    Oleksiy Sytnyk, Anastasia Khomenko, Alyona Hrebenyuk – Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Management of AIC Products;
    Kateryna Yanyk – Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics.


     By the way, librarians have prepared unique editions of Kobzar from the collection of book fund to the flash mob. Two presented publications deserve special attention: the first is the full edition of “Kobzar” in Polish, published in Lublin in 2008, and the second, under the title “Taras Shevchenko "Testament" in the Languages of the World Nations”, 1989, which includes translations of the famous Testament into 147 languages of the world (among them Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Esperanto and Hindi).

     We sincerely thank everyone who joined the “Nash Shevchenko” All-State Flash mob, and remember that every word of Great Kobzar is etched in us by the genetic code of a national idea, and as another well-known Ukrainian poet Vasyl Symonenko wrote:

"We hear you, Kobzar, through the ages,
And your voice makes our souls fly up.
Rises in new beauty, forgetting the troubles,
Yours, Taras, the liberated land "

Olena Lytovchenko, Anna Arsenyuk,
heads of branches of the scientific library
in training Bldg. No. 6 and 10

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