March 9 is the anniversary of the Great Kobzar

9 березня 2020 року


Love your Ukraine.
Love her… in a fierce times,
At the last, and difficult moment
Pray Lord for her.
T.H. Shevchenko

     For over two hundred years, Ukraine has honored the thoughts of the Great Kobzar Taras Shevchenko – a contemporary of each era, reads them in the lines of his books, passed on from generation to generation, listens to prophetic words like lightning, calls his great son Titan, Prometheus, Prophet and Patriot of its nanny-land – Ukraine.


     Taras's fiery word has always penetrated the hearts of all those who are close to the national mountain. For centuries around the world, we have been fascinated by the works, poetry of the gospel prophetic verses, the beauty and power of lyrical and patriotic songs in Shevchenko's poems.

     Pierces the hearts so relevant today, at the time of the struggle for the liberation of Ukrainian lands from the enemy invaders in the East, the fiery word of the poet, which awakens the patriotic spirit and mood – a fighter for the freedom of his people, the motherland Ukraine.

      Let us bow low to Taras Shevchenko as a token of eternal memory of the Prophet – a symbol of the insubordination of the spirit of the Ukrainian people, who awakened and gave birth, supported and strengthened in every song, word, life, truth and boundless love for man.


     A prominent Georgian poet, Akakiy Tsereteli, who saw Shevchenko only once in his life, said, “Having a poet like Shevchenko, the Ukrainian people need no favors. I confess, for the first time, I understood from his words how to love our homeland and my people.”

     Let's also learn to love our people like Taras,

and to go towards his greatness every day...

We Ukrainians feel proud of Genius and of our great Ukraine,

and are always ready to defend her from alien encroachments!


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