Plans, training, choice of profession – a topic of dialogue for future students with the Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine

5 березня 2020 року

Veronika Chekalyuk shares her career experience, “Young journalist” circle is open to students and future entrants, and I am interested in working with young people. Twice a month I find time to meet with students of the capital's schools, we learn to do a newspaper, interview, write articles, reports, take pictures, shoot videos and edit information clips. Each time I present a new topic in journalism, depending on the audience, the age group of students; I hold interesting meetings, mini-master classes related to the specialty: etiquette, diplomacy, communications, social media projects (videos on healthy lifestyles), international journalism (collecting information useful for students, on the school website), PR non-profit organizations (summer camps, volunteerism), online advertising and PR (student personal rating). Most of the students we communicate with are planning their further studies in "Journalism."

Today, we have invited a meeting with senior students of a reputable diplomat, journalist Alex Lenaerts, head of the Embassy of Belgium in Ukraine.

Mr. Ambassador visited a Ukrainian school and said, “I came to your beautiful country in September 2018 and my first speech was about Ukraine and the European Union. As an ambassador I said that I see Ukraine and Belgium in one European family. And I am quite sure that Ukraine is a European country, and I fully support this European perspective of Ukraine. More and more Ukrainians, especially the younger generation, want this prospect, and this is a positive thing. But of course, it takes time.” The meeting was inaugurated by Director Lyudmyla Kharynova and English teacher Tetiana Lyalka.

The event was moderated by Maria Land, editor of the school newspaper, head of the "Junior journalist" circle, “This is a long-awaited, bright event in the lives of future entrants: a meeting of students with Mr. Alex Lenaerts, a Belgian journalist, politician and diplomat. Today, Mr. Alex Lenaerts is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belgium to Ukraine. A person's image, ability to keep themselves in front of an audience, often have a much greater impact on the masses than justification.

The ambassador reacted responsibly to the invitation: he prepared a spectacular presentation and an intellectual game for the lyceum students. Mr. Alex remembered his school years, answered the questions of the children about becoming a professional, presented books about Belgium and national comics, handed over to the library modern educational literature in English, and treated everyone to the symbol of the Kingdom of Belgium - fragrant waffles, and to the school newspaper editor, 10 B class, handed a bouquet of flowers. This is a birthday greeting to the young writer Mary Land. Mr. Ambassador thanked Lyudmyla Oleksandrivna for the warm welcome and got acquainted with the Lyceum Museum.

The children did not release the diplomat for a long time, questioned and told about the school. With the easy hand of the teacher Tetiana Vasylivna students are pretty fluent in English.


Teenagers are special people: they are no longer children, but not yet adults, need a special communication approach, and this meeting, the advice of a successful diplomat, is a landmark for many.


Diana Daphyna,
"Young journalist" circle

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