The first pedagogical experience of students of 4th year of specialty 035 "Philology"

3 березня 2020 року
 Production pedagogical practice of students of the 4th year of study at the faculty for humanities and pedagogics of specialty 035 "Philology" is ongoing. Prof. Kravchenko N.K. and associate pofessor Kozub L.S. were appointed the heads of practice (by order).

    Prior to the beginning of practice, students were assigned a number of tasks: to get acquainted with the school, its traditions, the mode of work, as well as with the teaching and methodological support of teaching a foreign language (curricula, programs, tests, etc.); attend teacher lessons to which students are attached; draw up thematic lesson plans; prepare tasks for independent work; conduct classes (at least 5 lessons per week); produce visual materials, handouts; attend class sessions, analyze them; to prepare and hold extracurricular (educational) event; systematically keep a diary of practice, once a week to give it to the supervisor from the practice base; make a report on the implementation of the pedagogical practice program; prepare reporting documents.

    Today, trainee students hold open lessons that show that they have successfully mastered the teaching of foreign languages, including English. During practice, students demonstrate good knowledge of English, prove themselves as knowledgeable and creative teachers, conduct interesting lessons, quite a lot of time spend in extracurricular and educational work, try to find an individual approach to each student. Students' lessons meet all the requirements of modern methods, namely the complexity of the lesson, structural integrity and content.

     And here are the students' impressions of their first teaching experience:


     Shevchenko Maria:

   “I am going through the teaching practice at the Vyshhorod specialized school “Suziria (Constellation)”, whose students impressed me with their knowledge of English. I taught in both junior and senior classes because I was interested in working with pupils of all ages. Initially, it was a bit scary to act as a teacher. However, after a few lessons, I realized that I enjoy working at school and sharing my knowledge with pupils. The teaching staff of the school met me very kindly, the teachers help with the preparation for the lessons by providing professional advice. Hopefully, after graduation, I will return to this school as a real teacher.” 

     Shumnova Anastasia:

  “I can describe my impressions about the passing of the production pedagogical practice in Barakhtivskyi TPC of Vasylkiv district of Kyiv region – in a word – wonderful! Kids are all extremely diligent, obedient, active and curious, always looking for something new. Practicing in grade 6 gives me the opportunity to try myself as a teacher, helps me gain a tremendous experience in communicating with children, and promotes my teaching ability.”



     Sysman Dasha:

    “My pedagogical practice takes place in Vasylkiv Secondary School I-III №7. I have many positive experiences with pupils, all such different and interesting personalities at the same time. I am extremely pleased that the practice will last for one more week that I will be able to spend with my pupils.”


     It is important to note that the teachers and the administration of the schools in which the students are practicing give positive feedback on the work of the 4th year students of specialty 035 "Philology".

    The department of romance-germanic languages and translation wishes the students a successful completion of the teaching practice over the next week and we look forward to their positive feedback after returning to the home university at the final conference.

Kozub I.S.
associate professor of the department of romance-germanic languages and translation

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