Center for francophone education and culture: philology students participated in the French Day in Ukraine

2 березня 2020 року

Students of the faculty for humanities and pedagogies, future translators studying French, visited the “AgroVesna 2020” exhibition in Ukraine at the International Exhibition Center within the framework of the French Day. ”AgroVesna 2020” is a major international exhibition event combining three important exhibitions: “Grain Technologies”, “Fruits. Vegetables”, “Logistics” and “Agro Animal Show.”

     Traditionally, one of the days of “AgroVesna 2020” is France Day in Ukraine. The National French Exposition unites 21 companies that offer their products, services and innovative solutions for the market. Agriculture is not only a key sector of the Ukrainian economy, but also an engine of trade exchanges and bilateral economic cooperation between our countries. The main theme of the conference was the theme "Agribusiness in the New Realities".

     We listened with interest to the reports of agricultural companies and met with representatives of various french companies in Ukraine. Laurent Denigueux, agricultural adviser to the french embassy in Ukraine, spoke about the development of the agrarian and processing industry, the challenges and trends in Ukraine by 2050. He focused on climate change, which will affect yields and reduce profitability.

     Visiting the “AgroVesna 2020” exhibition was both interesting and rewarding, as we spoke French with its native speakers, and also learned a lot of important information about agrarian production, its current state, problems and prospects.

Victoria Rudenko, Oleksandra Erchenko,
students of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics
Natalia Rudnytska,
senior lecturer in the department of foreign philology and translation

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