The School of Practical Psychology” project develops practical skills: future psychologists conducted a training for foreign students "Know yourself – understand others"

1 березня 2020 року

     As a result of joining the educational programs of the University, 73 foreigners from 22 countries of the world have enriched the friendly student family of our Alma mater. The obvious problem is the psychological support of foreign students in order to facilitate adaptation to the language, the collective and the development of personality in new socio-cultural conditions. From how effectively foreign students integrate into the educational space, the moral and psychological atmosphere in the student environment and overcoming communicative barriers with representatives of another culture that shapes the image of the university will form.

     In order to exchange experience between Ukrainian and foreign students, to actualize individual-psychological potential of the individual and to acquire communication skills, on February 28, a training "Know yourself – understand others" was organized, coached by the first year students of specialty "Psychology" Hordynskyi Heorhiy, Shulyak Yana and Yatsenko Oleksandra. Practical skills of a psychologist have been developed over the years, however, within the project of the “School of Practical Psychology” of the department of psychology, psychology students have a unique opportunity to get involved in the applied aspect of professional activity.

     The work during the training focused on identifying stressful situations and forming a personality resilience, which facilitates successful adaptation to new conditions. The participants learned that the effectiveness of overcoming stress depends on the psychological willingness to withstand it, personal understanding of psychological properties and the ability to manage their emotions in difficult situations. Knowing the peculiarities of one's own psyche is of great importance for stress management, so participants were offered one of the “Bingo” exercises, which promotes the formation of positive self-esteem and awareness of the unique personality of each person. Group interaction contributed to a deeper knowledge of personal "I", one’s own desires, emotions, preferences, wishes, dreams at a certain stage of life and was determined not by evaluation, but by exploring one’s own...

     During the training, participants learned English-Ukrainian communication skills that help to make contact with people by reducing emotional stress during communication. The final stage of the group work was the development of constructive feedback and introspection techniques.
     At the end of the event, participants expressed their gratitude for an interesting, hands-on training exercise, learned more about their personal characteristics and about each other!

We are waiting for the next meeting in the project
“School of Practical Psychology”!

Larysa Afanasenko,
head of the “School of Practical Psychology” project,
associate professor of psychology

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