A step to the next level – to innovation, research and one’s own business: discussing future prospects with Bachelor's graduates

20 лютого 2020 року

On the second day of the meeting, students of the bachelor's degree courses of the National Science Institute of Forestry and Parks and Faculties of Humanities and Pedagogics, Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology, Land Management, Law, Food Technologies and Quality Management of Agricultural Products, Mechanical and Technology visited the meeting hall.

     In his welcoming speech, the rector Stanislav Nikolaenko urged students to be creators of their destiny, to boldly take personal challenges today, to be prepared for the challenges and threats of a global nature changes tomorrow. It is student time and educational space with all internal and external factors that contributes to such hardening of future professionals, citizens, patriots. And here it all depends on the goodwill and determination of each and all the team together to find the answers and solutions to the problems. Stanislav Nikolaevich gave some good life advice:
- first, everything in life needs to be done on time. To be born – to go to school – to start a family – to get a college degree. Everything should be tied to psychological, mental cycles;
- secondly, in this case it is necessary to finish the bachelor's degree qualitatively. Don't fool yourself and your family, society. Do not cling to casual earnings to the detriment of training and qualification interests. Earn money competently with benefits and career prospects. When preparing your graduation work, do not compile mindlessly alien, not relevant materials, just for show. Open your eyes, take on life topics, live issues! Prepare a project you are not ashamed to sign!
- third, keep learning. About what is topical! English is the most up-to-date! And not only for admission to the magistracy, but also further prospects. The economic basis of your choice in favor of continuing education in the magistracy, this year, is to increase the cost of education by 2022 to 100%, i.e. indicative price! Legal thing is continuation of the postponement from service in the army for the period of training and the opportunity to obtain an officer's rank during this time.


     And here, as they say, "the wind itself in the back spurs", as the specialties of the agrarian industry are more demanded than ever, as the share of exports of the products of the industry by the results of 2019 is almost 47% of the total export potential of Ukraine. We sold 56 million tons of grain, nearly 6 million tons of oil, 140 thousand tons of eggs, etc. And these numbers should be doubled!

     The reception secretary Larysa Koropets informed the attendees of the Rules of admission for 2020 and the features of the enrollment campaign.

     In her turn, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics Alla Kravchenko presented possible options for preparation for the passing of a single entrance exam (SEE).


     In addition to tips on admission and answering the right questions, students also received guidance on learning undergraduate and master's thesis, subject to academic integrity from Dmytro Kasatkin, responsible for the use of the UNICHECK plagiarism detection program, and for students to study in the magistracy from the deputy head of the educational department Olena Kolesnikova.


     Summing up the meeting, Vice-rector for training and educational work Serhiy Kvasha appealed to students wishing to self-organize, to make full use of their potential, optimally allocating their time by rule 24 hours - 8 hours (fruitful work) + 8 hours (interesting leisure/sports/cultural, personal development) + 8 hours (sleep/quality recovery). Objectively evaluate their weaknesses and be determined in addressing their weaknesses and achieving their goals, using the opportunities provided by the university team. And in no way inferior to the principles of academic virtue.


We wish you a successful graduation defense and a successful choice!

Olena Kolesnikova,
deputy chief of
master's degree program



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