Cooperation with foreign partners: new opportunities for the students of NULES of Ukraine

18 лютого 2020 року
   One of the guiding principles of public policy in higher education is international integration. Specifying these innovations and making them viable in the Ukrainian higher education system is an exclusive choice of our country, and they are brought to life by specific professors and students of a particular university. NULES of Ukraine has developed and implements its own concept of development of relations with foreign partners. The ambitious plans are to attract as many students as possible to international projects. After all, as young germs of the national elite, when they come abroad, they should not worry about earning by their hard physical labor, but should show themselves as intelligent intellectuals, and must experience personal growth. This begins with their self-esteem and affirmation in the future profession, respect for Ukrainian professionals in the international labor market.

     Our students are majoring in “International Relations”, “Philology”, and “Vocational Education” programs – the most international programs. The geography of the countries to which they can go to study for an international "double diploma" or get a temporary job for the purpose of international internships and (importantly!) improving their material resources is quite wide. These are Poland, Greece, China, France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, the USA and others. Students who have signed a contract have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience, including psychological, mental, and even free living and boarding.
   On february 7, 2020, the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, along with a team of like-minded people, presented programs of international cooperation to students of the specialty "Vocational Education". He emphasized that such experience will give faculty students the opportunity to improve their super-professional flexible skills (soft skills), which will contribute to their further successful careers. It is they who will create the image of a young professional and give him an edge over other competitors for the position. Applicants studying under the "Vocational education" program will need such social skills as the ability to speak a foreign language, a positive attitude and respect for diversity and multiculturalism, the ability to work in an international environment, the ability to work in teams and groups. International partnership programs offered and implemented in the student life of future educators provide all these opportunities.

     It should be noted that the faculty for humanities and pedagogics annually develops a Plan of development of international activity in accordance with the Program of development of NULES of Ukraine "Holosiivska Initiative". The principle underlying this document is student-centricity, and the priority areas are the intensification of international activity for the recognition and award of dual diplomas; cooperation with the universities of the Visegrad 4 Eastern partnership program countries (V4); attracting students to the internship and study program at Slupsk University (Poland), France, Germany, China; search for new areas of cooperation (India); cooperation with Embassies of foreign countries; interaction with international organizations, foundations and programs; submission of projects for the competition for the grant and mobility programs; participation in projects of the EU's “Horizon 2020”, FP 7, NATO, IAEA, etc. mobility, research and innovation programs; finding new partners to create joint projects and programs; organizing and conducting international scientific-methodological and scientific-practical seminars with representatives of the British Council, IATEFL Ukraine, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Oxford Class English School, PEARSON-DINTERNAL; student meetings with representatives of international companies (exchange of experience) Pioneer Dupont; John Deer; Syngenta; establishing cooperation with “MITSO” International University (Minsk, Belarus); invitation of American scientists and specialists of different specialties to teach and conduct research at NULES of Ukraine under Fulbright Ukraine program.

Meeting of Shynkaruk V.D. with representatives of the polish delegation

     For many years, the department of pedagogy of NULES of Ukraine (head - doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Sopivnyk Ruslan Vasylyovych) has been working closely with the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland).

Meeting of the head of the department, doctor of pedagogical sciences with the doctor of the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland), dr. Zdzisław Piwoński

     Teaching and scientific work of scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers abroad is another experience of international activity of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics and the department of pedagogy. For example, the dean of the faculty taught latin for students of the Pomeranian Academy (Slupsk, Poland); doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of pedagogy Kuchai Oleksandr Volodymyrovych (incidentally, a fellow of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO and a member of the team responsible for international activities at the faculty) taught for students of Kuyavia Higher school in Wloclawk (Poland).

Open lecture of doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of pedagogy department Kuchai O.V. for students of Kuyavian High School in Wloclawk (Poland)

     The experience of the faculty (and the department of pedagogy, in particular) in international projects for teachers is interesting. Such an opportunity was realized by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of pedagogy Prokhorchuk Alexander Mikhailovich.

Participation in the Academy of changes (British Council program)

     However, the teaching experience of international partnership is a separate topic. According to the students of NULES of Ukraine their participation in the cooperation programs, it seems that the impressions of the students of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics (specialty "Vocational Education"), who returned from Poland, where they studied at the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, will be eloquent:
"The European University has made it possible to enhance knowledge in the psychological disciplines";
“It is an opportunity to feel the “taste” of an adult independent life. We not only mastered the European form of study, but also were able to earn money for it on our own. … Many traveled around Europe. That is the value of the trip”;
“We participated in various sports competitions, organization of concerts, holding various student events. … There is no need to be afraid to change something in your life, to experiment, to be open to new things”;
“I have never had so many new acquaintances in such a short period of time. Poland made it possible to visit and enjoy its picturesque landscapes, famous cities, monuments»;
"We attended classes with pleasure, learned a lot of new information, every time we were introduced to new effective techniques for conducting seminars";
“I firmly state that not for a moment I regret the decision to participate in the project of “double diplomas”. It was a really precious experience for me. … With this project we have become more independent and responsible”;
"Above all, it's a great opportunity to develop creatively and professionally."

     These words reveal the true deep meaning of a seemingly official concept as "international partnership" and I am inspired to move in this direction.

Olena Varava,
assistant professor of pedagogy

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