Pedagogy was a deliberate choice

14 лютого 2020 року

Not only scientific and pedagogical employees of the department of management and educational technologies, its head professor Serhiy Kubitskyi, the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogicsl Vasyl Shynkaruk and his deputies, but also every master of the educational program “Management of the educational institution” that crosses the threshold of our department, are in love with pedagogy. and the educational program "Pedagogy of higher school", which we practice here.

Tolerance, respect for the student's personality, understanding of all the essentials of life, empathy is at the heart of the relationships. We are pleased by everyone's small success and great achievements that are worth talking about.

At the department of management and educational technologies, in february 3-7, 2020, educational pedagogical practice of undergraduate students was conducted. Educational introductory pedagogical practice is a normative component of the training of specialists in the field of knowledge 01 "Education", specialty 011 "Educational, pedagogical sciences" of the educational program "Pedagogy of higher education" as future instructors of institutions of higher education. Its purpose is to form students' knowledge of the structure, principles of organization and management of higher education institutions, to be able to analyze training and educational activities, to teach them to apply this knowledge and skills in future pedagogical activities.

Educational introductory pedagogical practice was conducted on the basis of the developed work program of educational practice, considered and approved at a meeting of the department of management and educational technologies of the national university of Bioresources and environmental management of Ukraine.

Educational introductory practice provides for students to complete their studies at higher education institutions of different levels of accreditation under the guidance of the department's professors.