The magic of the word: meeting with writer Vasyl Ivanyna

13 лютого 2020 року
 At the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, a creative meeting with Ukrainian writer Vasyl Ivanyna was held – an extremely interesting personality, a talented, and most importantly indifferent to the fate of the Ukrainian state, a writer who presented many works, among which "Tarragon – love me – do not leave me" (1997). "Agony" (2004), "From the sky the star has fallen down" (2013), "Brothers" (2016).

The welcome speech was started by the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogy Vasyl Shynkaruk, quoting the words of Vasyl Mykolayovych: “The book was not just written, I survived it because it hurts everyone now”. And he added, “Reading every line, you feel that everything is experienced by you and accessible to everyone. The students of our university decided to take a direct part in the discussion of prose, paid attention to the current political situation in Ukraine and read the lines that most struck them in the heart, which are most relevant in our difficult time.”

Students under the guidance of the head of the department of cultural studies Iryna Maidanyuk prepared a literary composition based on the works of Vasyl Ivanyna. Iryna Zinoviivna, in particular, noted, “It is probably not in vain that such a person gathered us here today. A man of a generation for which it is hurting. This generation wants to pass on everything to successors so that it hurts us less. When you read the works of Vasyl Mykolayovych, you see that sometimes they are cruel, with the naked truth, but they are of such kind that reach the souls and hearts of everyone.”

Note that in all works, as the author himself admits, the image of the mother is traced through. "Motherland", "mother who gave birth", "shrine" – these are the words that pop into our minds as we read the pages. These words vividly emphasize the attitude of the author himself to his most loved one, who, despite her fate, raised a son on her own.

During the creative meeting a crowded audience was waiting for a meaningful and dynamic story of Vasyl Ivanyna about his life and creative path. A simple, but equally interesting and rich language, the writer told the students about his adventures. He was also very fond of mentioning a new novel “The sun on Lemesh”, which is going to be published in March this year.

The second part of the meeting was in the format of dialogue – many questions were raised about the origin of the idea, how and from what it is created and the structure of the works, about the writer's plans for the future, about honesty and sincerity in life.

We, as future journalists, had the opportunity to interview Vasyl Mykolayovych and personally ask him questions that helped us to get to know him better. Vasyl Mykolayovych is a very simple and pleasant person who has tremendous experience. We learned about his studies at the University of Kyiv, his translation, political and public activities and communication with readers.

At the end of the meeting, Vasyl Ivanyna urged the students to think positively, to love and honor their land, their homeland, their Ukraine.
We encourage you to read Vasyl Ivanyna's books, because they are modern, interesting, fascinating and easy to read.

Thanks to Vasyl Ivanyna for the interesting meeting and the open secrets of his creative laboratory.

Smyk Ludmyla and Tkach Olha,
students of the specialty "Journalism"

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