Translation competition as an innovative career guidance

11 лютого 2020 року

 An important element of the activity of the staff of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics is the conduct of vocational guidance, its search for new forms and methods in the conditions of intense competitive struggle being constantly in the priorities of our faculty.

     That is why this year, the faculty for humanities and pedagogics has initiated the contest “The Best Literary Translation of the Ukrainian Writers' Works” at the initiative of the academic council and the head of the department of romance-germanic languages and translation Natalia Kravchenko and with the assistance of the Department of education and science of the executive body of the Kyiv city council (Kyiv city state administration) among 10‒11 grade pupils of Kyiv city schools.

     The competition was held in three nominations: "Best Fairy Tale Translation", "Best Translation of Prose Work" and "Best Translation of Poetic Work". The contest participants – more than 150 of Kyiv's 84 schools – translated the works into english, german, grench, and polish. Our competitors were most interested in the translation of fairy tales – for translation they chose the tales of Olena Pchilka "In Adventure" and "Bunny", as well as the Ukrainian folk tales "Ryaba Pullet" and "Rooster and two little mice". Olena Pchilka and Mykola Stetsenko's works were selected from the stories.

     And on the 7th of February, the winners of the city contest "The Best literary translation in english of Ukrainian writers' works" were awarded. The twelve winners of the Contest were handed in the diplomas for 1, 2, 3 places and a certificate for free monthly afternoon attendance of classes in the courses "Practical translation course" or "Practical course in english (german, french, polish)" on behalf of the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics. The awards were presented by the deputy dean Svitlana Kharchenko and the head of the department for romance-germanic languages and translation Natalia Kravchenko.

     Pavlo Sirenko, a teacher of english at the secondary school # 258, thanked the organizers for such an interesting, non-standard translation competition.


     After being awarded each of the competition participants told about himself, his work on translation, his impressions of the competition, the faculty, the university, as well as plans for the future. The poetry of Leonid Hlibov's "The mountain stands high" which was recited in english by the winner of the competition in the nomination "Best translation of poetic works" Malyarenko Sofia, added to the positive and lyrical mood.

     Let us note that translations of the competition winners will be published in the "Translation Almanac" electronic illustrated edition.

Valentyna Snitsar,
associate professor of the department
of romance-germanic languages and translation

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