Sports holiday at the faculty for humanities and pedagogics

29 січня 2020 року
The Ancient Greek physician and philosopher, Hippocrates, said, "Gymnastics, physical exercise, walking should firmly enter the daily life of anyone who wants to maintain working capacity, health, a fulfilling and joyful life." The great Indian statesman and politician, Mahatma Gandhi, believed that no matter how much work a person had, he/she should find time for physical exercise as he/she finds it for eating food.


     Therefore, despite the frantic employment and high volume of work, the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogy Vasyl Shynkaruk pays considerable attention to the development of sports and physical activity of both students, and staff of the faculty. Spartakiad for the scientific and pedagogical staff of all departments of the faculty has become traditional. This year, 13 teams have tested their physical skills in such competitions as: darts, basketball throws in the ring, accurate throwing tennis balls in the basket, team strength and relay.

     The most accomplished in darts was the command department of psychology "Doctor Freud", and Martyniuk Iryna Anatoliivna scored the highest number – 42 among all participants, the second place was taken by the department of philosophy "Sparta" and the team "Optimus" of the department of pedagogy closed the top three.
      The “Optimus” team was the champions in accurate throwing the tennis ball, the “Sparta” team gave it a bit, and the Philologists team of the department of foreign philology and translation became the third. The most successful of the women with the number of 5 hits was Chekalyuk Veronika Vasylivna from the department of journalism and language communication, and among the men – Hennadiy Rzhevskyi – the team "Do Major", of the department of social work and rehabilitation.





     The best basketball players are the Department of Management and Educational Technology, the second is the “Dyplomat” department of international relations and social sciences, and the third are psychologists, “Doctor Freud”. The first basketball player with a score of 9 points became Bilan Serhiy – a Head of the department of international relations and social sciences.
     The most cohesive was the staff of the dean's Office "Dekans", a little behind in the team interaction was the department of pedagogy – "Optimus" and in third place – "Sparta".
     The fastest team was "Strila (Arrow)" – the department of english for technical and agro-biological specialties, the second was “Optimus”, and the third – the department of cultural studies.
     As a result, the team “Optimus” of the department of Pedagogy won the gold, the “Sparta” of the department of philosophy – silver award, and the “Diplomat” of the department of international relations and social sciences won the bronze.

Mykola Kostenko,
head of the department of physical education
of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics




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