And the second holiday is of St. Basil’s!..

14 січня 2020 року

According to ancient folk tradition, the Old New Year - or the feast of St. Basil replaces a Generous Evening with a rich box, savory dishes, a whole complex of peculiar rituals. On January 14, St. Basil the Great, Archbishop of Cesarea of Cappadocia, was born – it was about 330 A.D. The Ukrainians, honoring the virtues of the saint, perpetuated his name in the carol with the following words: “And what about the second feast? It is of St. Basil’s! Rejoice, O rejoice, O, the earth, the son of God was born." Trough all his conscious life St. Basil was preaching the teachings of Jesus Christ and was highly respected among believers. Church sources characterize Basil as an ascetic, theologian, and scholar, author of the code of monastic life. It is he, who said, "How much you subtract from the body, so much will you add to the strength of your soul." St. Basil the Great was considered the patron saint of agriculture, so the ceremonial actions of this day are agrarian-magical in nature, and all Christmas generosity songs (shchedrivky) are joyful, optimistic, in which people wish happiness, health, wealth, success to every family member. "Rye, wheat, every arable land seed, be sown, be born, for fortune, for health, for the New Year, to bear better than the last year!" Cannabis - under the ceiling, flax - level your knees, so that your head does not hurt, for you’re baptized! Be healthy, with the Happy New Year and St. Basil! God forbid.”

On January 14, 2019, a team of instructors of the Department of Cultural Studies, headed by Iryna Maidanyuk, visited the dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics Vasyl Shynkaruk with generosity and sowing songs.

Mr. Master,
we wish you a Merry Christmas.
Christmas has brought us joy.
And St. Basil - for many years.
And John the Baptist sanctifies water,
sanctifies water, purifies people.
Oh, rejoice, earth! World, have good time!
Rejoice, all men, - the Son of God was born!

The festive atmosphere brought back all the participants of the action into their childhood, when they were waiting for bright impressions, believed in miracles and fairy tales ... That is why not only the participants of the action, but also the dean and all spectators, were singing the famous Christmas generosity song! Vasyl Shynkaruk thanked our creative department for the festive mood, sincere greetings and wished all the success and goodness, joy and faith!

The staff of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, in turn, sincerely congratulates our dean Vasyl Dmytrovych, as well as all Vasyls, Vasylises, Vasyliovyches, Vasylivnas, with their name days! Moreover, may a good angel always guard you, send goodness and good grace!

Head of the trade union bureau of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogy
Inna Savytska


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