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3 січня 2020 року
       Rich in creativity, the first university semester of our life ended with an exceptional event – a visit to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and a practical training at the press center of the Ukrainian Parliament organized and held by I.S. Chyzh, an instructor in the journalistic disciplines.

     The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ... This is where the laws that affect our lives, are passed, and a new history of Ukrainian statehood is being created here. The moment we crossed the threshold of this powerful state building, we felt an extraordinary responsibility, because every corner here is riddled with history.
     The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is the only legislative body in Ukraine. Article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine provides a full list of powers of the Verkhovna Rada, which expresses the interests and will of voters from all over Ukraine, adopts laws to regulate various spheres of life in the country, controls the activities of state bodies and law enforcement, appoints the Prime Minister, ministers, heads of other state bodies.
     All the major milestones that the Ukrainian state went through began right here! This is reflected in the art canvas that adorns one of the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, in which the spirit of Ukrainian state building is conveyed.

     It is especially important that in these historical walls we received not dry screen-book information, but touched, so to speak, the nerve of the Ukrainian state building, feeling the breath of the day from the emotion of the man who was himself a deputy, the head of the parliamentary fraction at the most responsible moment of the creation of the Constitution. The law of our state. That is why Ivan Seriyovych's wish to end this unforgettable pursuit of seeing us in these walls soon as parliamentary journalists, at least, and as quite achievable maximum for many – people's deputies, real and not cinematic servants of the people, we, present-day journalists – freshmen, perceived as a motivation for even more active mastering of the profession through quality education.

… We have already looked more attentively at the bench in the parliamentary box of the press, which is on the right on the balcony of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. We believe that one day we will come back here!

Yulia Boychenko,
freshman journalist



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