Greetings of the faculty dean with New Year's holidays

28 грудня 2019 року

Dear colleagues! Dear students!

I sincerely congratulate all the staff and students of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogy with the New Year 2020 and Merry Christmas!
I express my sincere gratitude for the dedicated tireless teaching and scientific work, for the conscientious education and upbringing of the young generation, for the generosity with which you share your knowledge, experience and skills with your students.
With all my heart, I wish you all good health, inexhaustible source of vital energy, success in your professional activity.
Let your cherished dreams and hopes come true and life gives you confidence and good mood!
May peace and tranquility, love and harmony, good and prosperity be in your dwellings!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


With respect,

Dean                                V. Shynkaruk


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