Improvement of material and technical base of the department of physical education

23 грудня 2019 року

The Department of Physical Education prepares for the next academic semester and makes every effort to prepare the material base in the best way for physical education classes and competitions at university, district, city and national levels.

The NULES of Ukraine Game and Weightlifting Hall is the main competition base for the Second League and Ukrainian Volleyball Championship competitions, the Kyiv Karate Kyokushin Championship, the Kyiv Weightlifting Championships. For qualitative conducting of competitions, trainings and section occupations in the first semester of 2019-2020 academic year 6 LED fixtures with a capacity of 200 W each were additionally installed in the game hall, game balls for volleyball, mini-football, a game form for foot-hall and football were purchased, training over-sleeves, athletic equipment for athletics (barriers, cones, treadmill), tennis table. Contents and curbstone for weightlifting and weight training were made. Two Olympic vultures and a set of disks for them, weightlifting, shoes and belts were purchased. Kits of weights of different weight were purchased, too.


Information stands on the theory of physical education, vocationally applied physical training and development of physical qualities were prepared for demonstration of educational sessions with students, exempted from practical training in physical education.

In the early February, it is planned to carry out cosmetic repairs in the weightlifting hall for the Ukrainian Weightlifting Championship among students, which will take place on February 14-16, 2020.

Mykola Kostenko,
Head of the Department of Physical Education,
Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics



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